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Is the wooden countertop real wood or some kind of faux wood?

I am thinking of redoing my kitchen with granite coutertops. I have a HUGE island that I do not want to do in granite because of the expense, so I am looking at wooden tops for the island. If this is real wood, is there a faux wood type countertop?
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  • PRO
    Hi ubumom, this counter is real wood, it is butcher block, it acts as a giant cutting board, the owner oils regularly to keep it smooth
  • 10年前
    Love love this kitchen!!! Wondering the size of the island??
  • 9年前
    Formica makes a faux wallnut counterslab, it looks fab and withstands anything but pots and pans right off the stove. I'm thinking of using it !
  • 9年前

    Wilsonart makes very realistic faux wood laminate. I haven't checked them out lately, but they used to do a better job than Formica did for wood look. And it's so easy to care for. I think it's a wonderful choice, especially for around a sink.