Fireplace was in the way of our million dollar golf course view.

Deborah Stein

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  • Bruce Crawford

    Normally I'd cring at thought of removing a fireplace, but in your case, it was definitely the right decision. Enjoy the view!

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  • Barbara Simpson
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  • Deborah Stein

    Thanks! We moved here to be on the golf course. After the first winter of having a wood fireplace, we noticed it wasn't very efficient and wood burning was messy. Plus it covered our view. We chose Renewal by Anderson who did a great job with e-windows with a slight tint so golfers can't see in but we can clearly see out. I also had them paint the wall an accent grey which really gives more depth to the view. This fall we hope to install a modern propane fireplace on the wall to the left as pictured here.

  • Bev

    Beautifully done! I love the new window!

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  • John Willingham

    It was totally a wise move to remove fireplace.

  • PRO
    Kaplan Construction

    The new window and paint looks great!

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    Mega Builders

    Very nice!

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    Karry Home Solutions

    Great choice, it makes a huge difference.

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    Boswell Construction

    that ribbon fireplace will be a great addition!

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    Millennium Design

    Great use of the angled upper window. Nicely done.

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  • Rosin Garcia

    What a Great ideaBeautiful

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  • Shalena

    100% better!

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    Sound Painting Solutions

    Looks much better! Nice job:)

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    Stecki Construction
    Nice change! Such a beautiful view and the new window is perfect!
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  • Pamela Dougherty

    Wonderful transformation for your living room. You have a beautiful view. Are the panes in the adjacent existing windows removable?

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  • Deborah Stein

    Pamela, thanks. No the panes on the other windows aren't removeable. We hope to replace them next year with Anderson windows.

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    Raegan Ford Interior Design

    Very nice work! I love fireplaces, but in this case it really opened up the room, it's nice that you have a good view too!

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    Laura Lee Designs

    Very smart decision to move the fireplace. Enjoy your new view!