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How wide is the bed between the patio & ret. wall for the boxwoods?

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    A: The width of the bed is 36"
    When installing this size bed there is a lot of gravel base material from the patio that needs removed to make room for new soil. In colder climates it is also best to install a french drain in the bed to prevent the freeze and thaw cycle from pushing out on the wall (it will last longer).
  • 9年前
    My thoughts exactly. I am completing a patio with a similar situation with a narrow bed between the wall and pavers (12" wide). I wanted to use Morris Midget Boxwoods and wasn't sure how they would do in that tight of a space even though they are an extremely dwarf variety. I already have a french drain in place along the low side of the patio but would have to install new pipe beneath the shrubs and connect that to the existing pipe.

    Thanks for the response.