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Marysville Everett Tile
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
Ive worked with John and Jodi for many years and their service is priceless. Jodi is very proficient at assisting my clients select and pair countertops, backsplash, flooring, carpet, and the list goes on. They do what they say they are going to for a fair price and in my business if you cant adhere to that very simple rule i cant use you. They are very much appreciated and i would highly recommend.
The Stone Brothers
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
I have used the Stone Brothers for multiple projects. They are very professional, they work on a tight schedule and get things done on time. Their price is in line with the product that they produce and it is superior to most. The owners and staff of this company are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to having them on our projects.
Crocodile Rocks
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
The staff at Crocodile Rocks were very helpful and friendly. We knew we wanted soapstone counters, but didn't know what kind. The staff showed us the various types and where they came from. We went with "Valentino." They had a huge selection of soapstone as well as granite and all sorts of other stone slabs. Our sales woman had soapstone installed in her kitchen so she was also able to give us tips on care and the style of edging that would be most chip resistant. Yes, soapstone is a bit soft.
Stone Pros Marble and Granite, Inc.
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
Glenn and crew were very professional, had great design and material suggestions and did a fantastic job on our kitchen counter top! I would definitely refer him and the Stone-Pros crew to a friend.
Granite & Marble Specialties
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
We remodeled our 25 year old kitchen. New cabinets, new flooring, and new granite counters.. We chose Granite and Marble Specialties because of their selection and service.. I was looking for a particular look, though I didn't know exactly what. As soon as I saw Golden Queen, I knew I had found it.. The guys at Granite and Marble Specialties did a great job!! They were on time, they were clean, and they worked efficiently .. We love our new kitchen, and so do all our friends..
European Stone Tile & Design, Inc.
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
I have worked with European Stone on many projects and continue to use them as my number one source for stone and tile. Their expertise and customer service are above the norm. They have installed solid surface counter tops with precision and offered critical input for tile design and applications of back splashes. They are the best!!
Trillium Tile
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
Liz tiled a backsplash for my kitchen and did a beautiful job. I chose 4x4 glass tiles from Ambiente European Tile Design, in shades of aqua, jade green and "underwater". The first two were glossy and the third was frosted. Liz created a beautiful irregular pattern, cutting and fitting the tiles behind the sink (a tricky place), around light sockets and switches (three in a row, or I wish they had been in a row, but I didn't move them, and Liz made them look orderly and attractive) and corners. Liz was a joy to work with, very personable and worked efficiently and quickly. I have recommended her to others and I will do so again here.
Evergreen Granite & Cabinet
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
Provided the cabinets and counter tops for a kitchen remodel. Bryan was easy to work with and responsive. Provided a good cabinet layout for my contractor to work with. His granite and quartz counter-tops prices are very reasonable. Especially, if you take the standard depth counter and edge which he orders partially finished in large quantities. Shoreline Homeowner
Northwest Granite & Marble LLC
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
If we talk about countertops installation in Redmond, Northwest Granite & Marble LLC is the best option to use. I used these guys for my kitchen countertop installation. They provided excellent service and product quality. They did a nice job at the very affordable price and that's all I expected out of them.
Venetian Stone Works
Edmonds, WAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家
This company was extremely professional and enjoyable to work with. Their employees were knowledgeable and efficient throughout our whole kitchen remodel. Several times we had to change the times that they are were going to place our countertops in and they were more than willing to do that for us. it was also nice to work with them because we did not have to wait forever to fit into their schedule. When they came out to our home they were quick and thorough throughout their whole process. While there were at our home they were more than willing to answer questions even though they were busy doing their work. There was one small problem with the install but they quickly resolved it without any questions. Working with them was simple and easy and we were always treated with great customer service. One plus about working with them was also an option to get an "leather finish" on our granite counters. They are one of very few companies that have a machine that does this process. It takes the shiny finish off the surface of the granite so that you can feel the texture of the stone itself. When that process is finished then they seal it. We are really enjoying that because it creates a very, very natural looking counter. and was also convenient to work for them with them because they work with Denali Slab and Tile. their businesses are comfortable working together and are in the same industrial Park. I would recommend their service as well because they have a very large amount of products to choose from. Both of their prices were fair and very good for the great quality they have. In the future if we redo anymore chapters we will definitely go with them.