Braithwaite, LAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 14件

Braithwaite, LAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家をお探しですか? タイルや石材、天板は耐候性、防水性および防火性に優れており、色や柄、サイズ、形などもさまざまなバリエーションがあることから、いろいろな箇所で使われています。 もっと見る

Braithwaite, LAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 14件の注目レビュー

Braithwaite, LAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 14件
“NOLA Boards provides an amazing piece of art for custom made wood work. the craftsmanship is exceptional and hands on applications/installation is excellent. The counter top and island is the highlight of my house.”
Marques Countertops
Braithwaite, LAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 14件
“Very friendly and helpful, even without an appointment! Chris and Mark have also been easy to communicate with over email which is nice when you have to work full-time. Also they are very understanding of delays from contractor delaying their countertop install. We purchased Peralto Royale for the bathroom and Cambria Bellingham quartz for the kitchen.”
Signature Granite & Marble LLC
Braithwaite, LAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 14件
“Looking for reliable and knowledgeable installers for quartz bathroom walls and counter, I was referred to Signature Granite and Marble. I did look at a few other providers, but Signature beat them on price alone. They've been in business quite a while, which was another plus. I could get in touch with them any time I needed to, because my phone calls were returned even outside of busioness hours. They were unfailingly respectful and polite in all communications. The work was done quickly and professionally all the way. Even a small mishap was taken care of immediately, and to our satisfaction, which we got in writing. I can definitely recommend Signature for any stone work.”