Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件

Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家をお探しですか? タイルや石材、天板は耐候性、防水性および防火性に優れており、色や柄、サイズ、形などもさまざまなバリエーションがあることから、いろいろな箇所で使われています。 もっと見る

Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件の注目レビュー

Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“Era stone come to my home as promised and did an amazing job! They have great attention to detail, left my home clean and went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I was requesting. The turn around time is quick depending on the project and everything was brought to my attention before any other work. or additional charges that were needed. No pressure to ever do more than whats needed and what I want. I requested to have my backsplash raised from 6 inch to full height and I am very satisfied with the work that was done. Highly recommended.”
M.R. Walls
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“MR walls is an amazing company that inspires creativity and design. We are working with them on several projects at the moment. Once our clients see what they can do, it only a matter of where can they install! Mario and his team are pushing design boundaries and limits in all they do. From texture and lighting to anything the mind can imagine. Their designs can be interior or exterior, wet or dry install and can even be backlit to create wonderful installations.”
Tile Restoration Center
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“Hi, I HIGHLY recommend TRC. Working with Steve is an absolute pleasure. He makes himself avaialble practically 24/7. He offers unlimited great advice and design expertise. He has sent me many "sample" tiles to look at before making my final decisions. I just designed 2 Fireplaces with TRC and they came out great. The price, quality, delivery, everything is supurb. TRC gets five stars from me. HIGHLY RECOMMMEDNED. John K. Long Island, NY”
Clean Cut Stone Inc.
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“I hired Clean Cut Stone to do the quartz counter for my new kitchen island, and carrera marble for my baking counter. This was not a simple job. The marble had to fit perfectly between two sections of stainless steel, and the quartz for the island had to be installed on a fairly complicated, cantilevered base. The work they did was excellent, the price was very reasonable, and David was as knowledgeable and professional as I could ask for. Clean Cut Stone should be on anyones list for counters. I will absolutely use them again.”
TuffSkin Surface Protection
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“I am a stone fabricator in Minneapolis area. I was looking for that next level of protection on our most expensive and finicky materials and I found the TuffSkin folks. We had just put a back lit Onyx bar into a high profile bar and even with 3 coats of our best sealers on, the top was etched within the first month. We applied the TuffSkin Surface protection and instantly won the client back.”
Reed Tile & Stoneworks
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“Robert installed our kitchen and island countertops and completely exceeded our expectations! The fabrication and installation process was fast and efficient. His attention to detail is exceptional, the veining in our quartz slabs continues down and around our waterfall style island. We couldn't be more happy with the outcome of our countertops amd would highly reccomend Robert's services to anyone who is looking for quality countertop fabrication and installation!”
Take Us For Granite Inc.
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“Very nice guy!! He was very patient and helped me decide on the style as well. Made this process very easy, moved quickly, and the counters look great!!”
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“Just purchased 1400 sq. ft. of 12 x 24 gray brazilian slate from Hamid at Marble Warehouse. He was extremely responsive, thorough and had great customer service. The product was great quality and arrived to our job site in Seattle 3 days after I ordered it from So Cal. His slate was less than half the price of Dal tile! I would highly recommend him!”
Bentley Adams Tile
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“I worked with Robert on a remodel project I was doing in Santa Monica. He was very professional, so helpful and knowledgeable! He has a wide variety of tile and flooring options and was also able to find unique, high end materials for me. He delivered the tile on time, and as promised. His prices were competitive, but mostly I appreciated the excellent customer service that he provided. I highly recommend Bentley Adams Tile.”
Thomas Deir Studios
Beverly Hills, CAのタイル・石材・天板の専門家 494件
“I am lucky to have one of Thomas' paintings grace the wall of my home. A gift from my aunt and uncle in Hawaii. It's a beach scene, painted so beautifully, it's hard to tell if it is a photo or painting. Just gorgeous! She hangs in a central part of my home and makes me smile everyday :)”