Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件

Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件の注目レビュー

Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
They built and installed a 12 x 24 Modern Shed on our property. My partner uses it for her business and it's been a wonderful addition. We upgraded many items and are very happy with it.
Northwest Outdoor Living and Renovation LLC
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
Artisan Results Corp. did a beautiful job replacing my son's roof and building a gabled patio on the back of his house. They were always professional and very easy to work with from beginning to end of the project.
Fine Grain Construction
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ed on two whole house renovations in Portland. Finding a contractor that you can trust can sometimes be difficult but with Ed you get honest answers and fair pricing. The quality of workmanship is superior and his attention to detail stands out. I hope to be able to work with Ed sometime in the future!
SFW Construction LLC
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
SFW Construction did a wonderful job installing french doors, finish carpentry (trim, etc). and a new roof. The team took time to place drop cloths in areas where debris would fall and kept the work area clean and tidy. They were also great around my kids and dog, I had a great experience and will hire them next time I need another big project done.
Adrian's Quality Fencing & Decks
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
It's been a pleasure to work with Adrian's. Andrew completed the estimate quickly after listening to our requests and needs. Ray and Omar installed our new fence with care and preciseness. If there were questions, they asked, so we could discuss their concerns (our fence line presented a couple of elevation difficulties. The fence is a beautiful addition to our yard.
Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Mfg. Co.
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
In 1995 I was at a friends house and peeked over the hedge and said, if you ever talk to your neighbor and he wants to get rid of the greenhouse, it was obviously not being loved or used, to let us know. The next day, she called and said come get it this weekend while they were away. After researching the greenhouse, which turned out to be one of the first greenhouses made by your family and Sturdi-built, we moved the greenhouse about 30 blocks down the hill. We took it apart and moved it, of course the internet was just in the beginning stages and very primitive, so we took photos, had the film developed and put it back together according to the photos and with the help of your catalog. The process took us about 3 months of weekend work. We did come over to your showroom many times to purchase minor parts, brads, caulking, poles for the benches and only a few pieces of glass needed to be replaced. I remember you and your family were as nice to us as if had purchased a brand new one and were very excited that one of your original greenhouses was still being used, but at a new location. We enjoyed coming over and looking in your showroom as well as all the photo albums of other greenhouses from all over the USA. Over the years, we have loved and enjoyed the greenhouse each season. A few years ago, the roof panels were at the end of its life, you found somewhere deep in your buildings the original roof material that was used back then, we greatly appreciated that, because we did not want to alter the original with the 4mm panels currently available. Still, inside today we have all of original fixtures, fans, and climate control equipment. It is filled each spring with seedlings and starts. We still love our greenhouse. I have had a few friends who wanted a greenhouse just like mine, they ordered from you , and in a few weeks, I have another friend who wants to come for a visit too.. The photos below are of the greenhouse from 1996 after it had been installed for many years, after it was restored in 2007, and how it looks today. Thank you for everything over the years. Lisa Pridgen
Tellurian Construction
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
We had a challenging and comprehensive job for Tellurian Gardens, which included a stacked natural stone wall, permeable-paver patio/drive and complete overhaul of our landscaping. Scott and company were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. The development of the design was fluid and thorough with a lot of back and forth. The execution of the final work was professional. We are more than pleased with the results and look forward to continued work with Tellurian Gardens in the future.
Cascade Fence and Deck
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
I can't recommend Cascade Fence and Deck high enough. Their works was excellent and it was one of the best experiences I've had with any contractor. They worked with me on a creative level to come up with a great design, much better than what I imagined on my own.
Kenai Construction
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
Kenai construction did an extensive siding/sheathing repair/weatherproofing project for us last year on a major renovation. I can only recommend their work with the highest possible praise! Each element of the project was well communicated, and timely. Above all was the stellar craftsmanship- having it done in a courteous and professional manner was the cherry on top. Bryan‘s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction; showed through his adaptability as he was able to complete a roofing repair and new gutters on the fly. There is a saying old timers around a lot: “quality, speed, affordability, pick two.” We got all three on this project, and I’m very happy to recommend Kenai Construction.
M Brothers Construction
Bethany, ORのエクステリア・外構工事会社 142件
I hired M Brothers to re-side my house. These guys were great to work with. Right from the beginning they were honest and up front with everything that needed to be done. I was even instructed to do some of the work myself before they started so I could save a bunch of money. They showed up on time as promised and cleaned up everyday before leaving. They were very respectful to my family and my neighborhood. During the project, there was no up selling or a bunch of hidden charges. The whole project was completed when promised. We are very satisfied with the work and should another project come up, I will definitely use M Brothers. It has been almost 2 years since they finished my house and it still looks as well as it did when they finished.