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PM Custom Designs Inc.
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星52014年7月24日
Everything about this company was first rate. They were easy to work with, professional, on time, flexible and most important, offered product that was Greenguard Certified. I could not be happier with them and recommend them always. As a professional interior designer, it isn't always easy to work with other professionals. This team was wonderful. The owner worked with me on everything and led me to the best and most economical suppliers.
Cabinet Express, Inc.
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星52013年7月25日
I contracted with Cabinet Express to design and install kitchen cabinets for our condo unit in Ft Pierce Fl. We are very pleased with the cabinets and with the installation. I feel that the cost and the quality were a good value. I would hire them again if I needed similar service in the future.
National Bath
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星52022年3月16日
Update to my previous review. I got a call telling me they finally were coming to fix my hallway, yes!!!! They agreed to use the beadboard panels I wanted and would be out the next day. When I asked about the water bill I was told he knew nothing about that but would have to check into it and get back to me. So the next day came, Shane arrived, measured and got the item information from me regarding the panels I wanted. He was off to purchase supplies. He returned and set to work. Shortly after he started he came in and plugged his extension cord into an outlet behind the front door stating he blew the breaker on the outside outlet. ???Say what? I went and checked the box, none of the breakers looked tripped. The outlet he was using also powered the master bedroom's bathroom. The same bathroom Shane had fixed the constantly running toilet in just a couple of weeks prior. I tried hitting the reset button and also turning the breaker off and back on. No luck. The master bathroom was dark as night. The outside outlet also was not working including my light I keep on for security/safety reasons. Shane said he would check it, not to worry. Since he got a very late start he wasn't able to quite finish but would be back. He had to get another piece of trim for a corner and he said he would pick up a new GFI at the same time to fix the electric. Sounds good. The next day Shane arrives with supplies in hand. He wants to get the electric fixed first. After checking, rechecking, replacing and making numerous calls to other people he says he doesn't understand what's going on, he'll have to think on it and he begins the finish work for the hallway. I offered to order him lunch, he declined saying he was going to take a break and get a bite to eat and run an errand. I gave him his tip early and said enjoy your lunch. He was thrilled. Upon his return he informed me that Wes told him I would have to hire my own electrician, they were not covering the repair. Ummmm, excuse me? You come to my home, plug in your equipment which shorts out my electric and then tell me you're not taking responsibility? I don't think so. At this point my hallway is back together and looks very nice. A lot different than what I had but nice. At least we were able to save the top part of the wallpaper. Now to get the electric fixed. Stay tuned! 3/21/22 They sent Taddeo Electric out. After a very thorough inspection, they determined Shanes equipment blew the porch GFI. They replaced it , everything is finally back working, yay! Wes from National Bath called me. I told him yes I was happy. Just need them to take care of water bill from weeks of the constant flushing toilet & we'll be all set. He promised to take of it. I am taking him at his word. If he doesn't I will be leaving another review. I am changing my stars from 3 to 5 as I feel they did work to make it all right. Could have been done quicker but that's why new mgmt. All in all I have a fabulous tub.
Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星52014年10月6日
My experience with Signature and our agent Tiffany was outstanding from the beginning. Very understanding of our needs, ( which wasn't easy) and extremely accommodating to working with our timelines and decisions as we were not insight for the renovation. She went out of her way to be helpful on all matters. Were highly recommend.
Flagship Construction Company
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星42013年10月31日
I have been working with this company to do some major reconstruction to my home. My home has been reconfigured, and I am going to have the company reconfigure and renovate my bathroom. The work is very neat and professional. All the minor details have been addressed. I looked at two other companies to do the work; however, I found one company to be arrogant, and not client friendly, and the other company I did not get the bond that I got with Flagship.
Hurley's Craftworks Inc.
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星52019年8月15日
Hurley’s Craftworks has built 2 kitchens for me 12 years apart, both are show stopping kitchens, both are the main stop in my home and both are totally different. This most resent Hurley’s also designed and built the bathrooms, the entertainment center and the study area, guests are always complimenting my kitchen thanks to these guys.
S & S Custom Builders
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星52015年2月14日
I went with a small, local company for my 5 bedroom, 4 bath beach home in Vero. Steve was exceptional from start to finish. His plans, designs, and completion of work were all professional and far exceeded our expectations. Every day they worked, his crew cleaned up and made our space inviting at all times. I was most impressed when the owner, Steve, came in under budget and even recommended alternative ways for us to get all we could and stay in the budget agreed upon. Our final outcome is beautiful! Thank you Steve. I highly recommend you & can not wait for you to start the cottage.
C&L Florida Marble and Granite Llc
Vero Beachのリフォーム会社
平均評価:5つ星中 星52017年4月20日
C & L Marble and Granite (CL) installed our granite today. Perfect, professional job. From Hector, ozidria, and the the installers were professional and we examined the job and was perfect. Yes, it is prudent business sense to sign a completion checklist. We used a flashlight and looked at every square inch and were completely satisfied. This way customer cannot come back later and claim bogus damages. C & L was $2,000 cheaper than the outfit at ft. Pierce and Vero beach. Further, CL uses the template methods rather than laser. When the template was finisheded, we visited CL, they happily, pulled each of 6 slabs, we pick the 2 we like best, Hector, would move the templates over the best areas of the slab we liked. Highly recommend C&L Granite. 5* company.