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  • 八尾市
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  • 向日市
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  • 大和郡山市
  • 久世郡久御山町
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  • 城陽市
  • 相楽郡和束町
  • 交野市
  • 守口市
  • 門真市
  • 生駒市
  • 長岡京市
  • 乙訓郡大山崎町


枚方市 / 25 km
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arte design Lab株式会社(アルテデザインラボ)
平均評価:5つ星中 星52020年6月24日
Japanoramic Home Repair, Renovation, and Restorati
平均評価:5つ星中 星52018年6月16日
Japan Repair was the 4th or 5th company I called and ended up being about a quarter of the price of all the Japanese and English-speaking renovators, with way better customer service. I had a hallway and bathroom unit done in Kyoto for a house my wife and I set out to flip but decided we loved so much that we'd keep it. I would recommend these guys if you already have something in need of repair or are thinking to save by getting JP property that you're going to need to overhaul or upgrade. It is way faster and to the point to generally use their services since costs are clear and communication is easy and fast whatever nationality you are. Some of the people on their crew are really old skilled guys that it is cool to see are still given a lot of quality work to keep their craft alive. Would recommend to foreigners especially entering the prop market in Japan or starting some business there.