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Splash Plumbing, Inc.
Memphis, TNの配管・水道業者 12件
We had a problem with a bathtub faucet which is about 30 years old. The shower diverter was broken. Had it been necessary to replace the faucet, which is situated in a tile wall that backs up to another tile wall (terrible planning!), the cost would have been significant, around $700. I called Splash Plumbing in hopes that a repair could be made. I explained my problem and was given an appointment within two work days, this being a non-emergency. I had two phone calls from Splash to keep me informed of the status of my appointment and a minor time change on the day scheduled. The technician arrived within a few minutes of the appointed time, assessed the situation and determined that a part was needed. He made trips to two different plumbing supply houses (because of the age of the faucet) before locating the part, returned within 45 minutes and completed the repair in less than 15 minutes. I was not charged for the travel time, just the one hour minimum and the cost of the part. My total cost was $140 and I was told that I would be billed for this. Unheard of! My old faucet works like a charm and I was able to use the difference in the price of this repair and replacement toward another project that was a higher priority than a new faucet. This was an excellent experience, start to finish. I recommend this company highly and will call them again for any needed plumbing services.