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Kelsey Ann Rose
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52017年7月20日
Kelsey is my go-to photographer for my interiors projects. She is a delight to work with and consistently provides me with the most beautiful photographs for my portfolio, with a quick turnaround time. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for gorgeous interiors shots.
Regan Wood Photography
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52014年12月22日
We hired Regan to photograph a couple of recently completed design projects. Not only does she have a phenomenal eye and was able to suggest angles and detail shots that really captured the essence of our style, but she also was open-minded and willing to listed to our specific needs and directions (even when they turned out to be wrong and her ideas were better!) We'll definitely work with her again.
Robert Granoff
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52013年4月27日
We hired Robert to photograph several of our recent projects for our website and marketing materials. He was referred to us from a well-known Manhattan architect who previously worked with him and highly praised his work. We truly appreciated Robert's artistic sense and vision after seeing the stunning photos of our first shoot. He captured the fine details of our craftsmanship and understood the space and the changing effects of the light. In addition to producing beautiful photographs, Robert was very easy to work with, was extremely professional, and responded timely to every one of our concerns. Thanks to Robert's artistic ability and vision along with his attention to detail, the photographs on our website and marketing materials are helping us reach our target clients and are helping us expand our business. We will definitely work with Robert again and we strongly recommend him.
Gotham Interiors
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52016年4月21日
It is my pleasure to recommend Alex Staniloff's photographic services to anyone looking to have their home's photos professionally produced. His photographic skills were evident in the photo shoot he did for me, at a client's newly completed home in Flatiron, NYC. He was prompt, prepared, clever with the space and also understood the 'prepping/staging' needs that make a good photograph even better! Also, Alex was truly lovely to work with on a personal level, and the resulting photos were presented in quick turn-around and really well presented. You would do yourself well to hire him.
Leon Cato Photography
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52015年12月18日
I started working with Leon about more than a year ago and since then he made more than 15 Projects for me from studios to duplex apartments with private Yard. I think the best word to describe Leon is professional!! Always on time , always listening and helps you to get exactly what you wish. Leon is amazing photographer who can maximize your projects potential and I highly recommend his services. Eli M. Big Apple living
Gross & Daley Photography
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52017年2月9日
Steve and Sue have photographed several of our projects through the years and have always done a great job. They have a tremendous amount of experience and bring their complimentary, but individual perspectives to each job. They are very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with and also have many connections in the publishing world. We couldn't recommend them more.
Sergey Makarov - real estate/architect photography
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52017年2月6日
I hired Serg for a several projects in Swedish cottages village. I was dealing with a difficult situation when we had to start advertising but we were still finishing some works inside the houses. Serg offered a several solutions of the shooting, came up with creative ideas and interesting angles. He showed me that what we see is very different from what camera sees. And helped me with light staging changes to make everything look the way I need. Serg always knows how to make any detail look perfect and natural on the picture. I really like the way he uses natural light to make the picture alive and realistic. Serg always perfoms on a superior level of quality and make his clients happy.
Photo by Pixy
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52014年8月2日
Pixy is a wonderful photographer to work with she not only brings to the table her expertise on the camera but is a thoughtful individual who understands the concept presented to her and offers suggestions and ideas to make the phot shoot more successful . I highly recomend her .
Real Estate Photography NYC
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52017年4月11日
Dan was on time. not a minute late and was very professional and thorough. we loved that he asked us exactly what to do to prepare our place before photography, so that we were ready and didn't waste time. he took excellent pictures and captured actual colours of our apartment and the great views as well. he is friendly and a pro. highly recommended.
NYC Home Pros
Jersey Cityの建築写真家
平均評価:5つ星中 星52013年4月15日
NYC Home Pros does a PHENOMENAL job of taking photographs and creating floor plans. Their photos rank among the best I've seen nationwide, and any company would benefit from utilizing their services.