Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件

Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファーをお探しですか? あなたの手がけた作品が、まずはじめにクライアントの目に触れるのが、部屋の写真や家の外観写真、いわゆる竣工写真です。住宅の表情は必ず写真に残ります。クライアントの第一印象を決める大切な役割を果たす写真だからこそ、信頼のおけるプロの建築写真家・フォトグラファーにお願いしたいですよね。フォトグラファーの仕事内容や選び方のポイントを確認して、クライアントとの出会いをベストショットで迎えましょう。 もっと見る

Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件の注目レビュー

Dennis Mayer - Photographer
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“As a Real Estate professional who has been in the business for over 20 years, when I need a photographer for a home I am selling I always ask for Dennis. He goes "Above and Beyond!". Always going the extra mile, for perfect light, helicopter photos or nighttime shots. If I can't get Dennis, I wait til he is available. He is the best!”
Aerial Canvas
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“Top-notch aerial videography and customer service. This company can help you create the content you need to help your business/product stand out and empower your brand resonate with your customers. Highly recommended!”
David Eichler Photography
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“David is a true professional with a creative eye for photography. His work is instrumental in all of the marketing pieces we create! I would highly recommend David Eichler Photography!”
Ali Atri Photography
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“I work for the Community Development Dept for the City of Redwood City and hired Ali Atri to take promotional photos of our Downtown Courthouse Square, then newly built in 2007. The purpose of these photos was for marketing our Downtown. Ali did such quality work that we (still) use his shots in hundreds of ways to continually promote our city. We also hired him again two years ago to memorialize a special event that was held downtown. Ali was prompt, courteous, energetic, and creative in his work, and his expertise with the camera was some of the best I've seen. I highly recommend Ali Atri for any photography work when you want top quality. Gary Kelly”
mark pinkerton - vi360 photography
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“Mark is an excellent architectural/real estate photographer. He does a fantastic job capturing all of the detail and quality we put into building our custom homes. His schedule is flexible and he is easy to work with, too. We at Custom Dreams in Real Estate highly recommend him!”
Bernard Andre Photography
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“It has been our privilege to work with Bernard Andre, his images always exceed expectation. Bernard customer service and experience will impress, he has photographed multiple projects completed. We highly recommend using his services for your next project.”
Caroline Tudor Photography
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“Clean, clear, professional, high quality photos. Caroline has a perfect attention for detail, great to work with - she really took my website to the next level. Highly recommend ;)”
Cherie Cordellos Photography
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“Knowledgeable. Creative. Easy to Work With. Cherie's knowledge of her craft goes well beyond standing behind the camera, she has an eye for detail, understands light, and can find just the right vantage point to show off the subject at its best. Specializing in architectural images-her talents don't stop there. People, pets and products are all handled with the same talent. She also understands the end product so a short discussion regarding the need will help secure the best results. I always look forward to working with her images. As a designer it makes my job much easier and saves me valuable time. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone looking for a thorough and experienced photographer. Our latest project was a multi-million dollar estate of exceptional quality.”
Dean J. Birinyi Photography
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“Dean and I have collaborated on photographing every project in my design portfolio and many of those images have been published. As an interior designer, I believe it's critical to capture the essence of the design and to make it translate into photographs. It's the foundation of my marketing strategy: creating a library of beautiful images that tell the story of my work and that can be used across a variety of media, including my website and blog, social media profiles, and competition entries. Dean is able to first understand the intent of the space, and then highlight its best features. But what I like best about working with Dean is his willingness to listen to my goals for the images and to deliver them so beautifully. Shoot days go smoothly and efficiently, and the proofs are turned around quickly. I recommend Dean without reservation, and plan to work with him again very soon.”
Matthew Bolt Graphic Design
Belmont, CAの写真家・フォトグラファー 162件
“We hired Matt Bolt to photograph our company employees and vehicles at our annual holiday party. A scissor lift was needed to get the desired effect. Matt was able to operate the lift, direct the group, and frame a series of excellent wide angle and detail photos that we continue to use in our company marketing and branding. We couldn't be happier with the outcome, and will definitely call on Matt for our photography needs at future events.”