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A Sturgeon Painting Inc.
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
I'm a "second-timer" with A. Sturgeon Painting, Inc. Alan painted my house nearly nine years ago, which included eight days of prep work. It still looked pristine until I had my roof replaced and gutter work done. I called Alan back recently to restore what other tradesmen had damaged and it now looks pristine again. I appreciate his crew's attention to detail, especially on my house which has four colors. No plants or shrubs were damaged. My porches and fence were refreshed. I'm not only weather-proofed, but the house's aesthetics sparkle. I would recommend A. Sturgeon to anyone for a worry-free paint job.
Mr. Painter PDX LLC
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Mr. Painter is great! They are super responsive, quick to give an estimate, and reasonably priced. The work they do is very thorough and myself and my clients have been very pleased with the results. Mr. Painter is my go-to for all painting needs, especially since it's the one thing I hate doing myself! They make it easy!
Avanti Painting Co.
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Interior Paint - Exceptional customer service in regards to working within budget and defining scope. Estimate of duration of job and quality control at job completion needs improvement. However, when I contacted them in regards to issues they were quick to respond and remedied the situation to my satisfaction with no issues. I would hire them again and would recommend them.
Weinmann Painting
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Kevin Weinmann, owner of the firm, arrived on time for the estimate. He was pleasant, courteous and willing to answer any questions I had. He took his time with me and explained everything I questioned in detail. After careful review of all bids, I accepted the one from Weinmann and I have no regrets; in fact, it was one of the wisest decisions I made. I was completing a seven month long housing remodel project and the exterior painting of the house was to be the last thing done. By the time the painting started, I was somewhat irritable from having people at my home day after day for months on end. I could not have been more pleased with the two employees from Weinmann who were assigned to paint my home. These two men literally worked like dogs the entire time they were on the job, which took two and a half weeks to complete, including the prep work. They were on time (actually, early) every single day and they worked a full day (anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day and six days a week). I was happy with the colors I selected (it was a four color job) but unsure and anxious about how it would look when finished. When I'm spending large amounts of money for a project or service, I hope for perfection but expect something just below that. In this case, I actually got perfection - and that's a first for me. If anyone can find something to complain about, I can, and yet I'm at a loss to find even one minor annoyance with the completed work. I was spoken to every single day by the job foreman. Any questions I had were always answered. Something I must mention is the condition of the job site. Each night after the painters left, I noticed that the yard and all the property was just spotless. They cleaned up every at the end of every single work day. The end result left me nearly speechless. I was so pleased that I had trusted my decision with the colors and left the rest up to Weinmann Painting. Since the completion of the job, I've had numerous positive comments, not only from neighbors and friends, but from several strangers as well. Either people walking or driving through the neighborhood. One person (a stranger to me) left a nice note in my mailbox that not only praised the color selection, but the beauty and professionalism of the completed job. Simply put, there is no way I could be any more pleased than I am with their work. The job was right on budget and right on time and perfect! What more could you ask for?
Mark Powers Painting Inc.
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Mark and his crew were very professional and efficient as usual. This was not the first job they have painted for us. In fact, it was the third. They came in and prepared everything ahead. They did the work efficiently and were out in short time. It is beautiful and clean. The product used was very low VOC and I did not have to move out due to fumes.
Western Accents Inc.
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Have you ever figured… hey it will just be easier to hire the existing contractor and trust that the contractor will hire professional painters? …Only to find sub-standard work, paint all over your personal items, paint on windows, screens, floors, TVs, light sockets completely painted over and hundreds of missed spots? Well, I found myself in this very scenario… Do yourself a huge favor, hire a real industry professional. You will save time and money by not having to redo poor quality work - hire Western Accents! When I met Western Accents, I was in the scenario described above. The Western Accents team is awesome; they are respectful of you and your home, most importantly they have a high attention to details that is crucial when painting an interior! For Instance, when you say, “I would like the kitchen painted” they will paint behind the fridge and stove, so that if you ever move, your painting looks complete and professional. Western Accents does have a keen eye for details, when they look at your railings, they make sure paint lines flow with the light entering your home not against the light. They will paint the unseen tops of door frames and the underside of non-visible areas. Their paint lines are straight and when they are done, your house will have a wow factor. I have highly recommended Western Accents to my neighbors, they are well worth the money or hey, you could spend less and give the sub-standard painting contractors a try but I wouldn't recommend it.
Sunrise Custom Painting
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Sunrise Custom did an excellent job painting the exterior of our home! From bid to finish, Salomon and his team were very professional and courteous. Armando was the foreman on our job and every morning he and Jose would pleasantly greet us, show up early, go over what they looked to accomplish for the day, and had the highest level of detail throughout their work. They worked around a young toddlers nap schedule so not to disturb that corner of the house during. They also kept a very clean job site, something I was particular about because the toddler loves to explore. Overall we are very happy with the communication, quality of workmanship, and highest quality finish. We also felt the price was fair for the level of service Sunrise Custom provided. We would hire Sunrise for future projects and highly recommend them.
Sisu Painting Inc.
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Sisu Painting offers custom exterior and interior painting and custom cabinet finishes in Portland OR and surrounding areas. Environmentally safe and lead-safe certified for residential, commercial, historic and multi-family.
Majic Painting and Remodeling
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Attention to detail, and dedication are two attributes that deserve praise especially when they come bundeled with professionalism and thoughtfulness . Majic painting is working their Majic on this project where they need to be flexable; other trades, vendors, even the coast guard all have to coexsist. They scope of work changes as fast as the tides on this love boat.
Resilience Painting, LLC
ポートランド, ORの塗装工・内装工
Christian and his delightful crew do an amazing meticulous job. He painted my very large house exactly as promised and on time. I cannot find one fault with their work. He was brought to my attention by a friend with a 1940's white house which Christian had painted beautifully and offered color advice, even repainting some trim that needed a color change. Im going to use him to remodel my bathroom now.