Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店 53件

Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店をお探しですか? ペンキ塗りやクロス貼りは、住まいに関する施工の中でもDIYでやりやすい分野といえます。しかし、塗料も下地塗装や外装塗装など用途によってさまざまな種類がありますし、壁紙もシワなく貼ろうと思うとなかなか大変です。満足の行く仕上がりをお求めなら、塗装業者やクロス張替え業者に相談してお任せするのが早道。リフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの際は、Houzzの事例写真を参考にあなたにぴったりのLaval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店を見つけてください。 もっと見る

Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店 53件の注目レビュー

NumerArt - Custom Murals from Exclusive Images
Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店 53件
“I had the privilege to work with Numerart on a advertising production. They did an awesome job and were always available to respond to all my specific demands. The delivery schedule was respected. I highly recommend them. ---------- Julia Yaccarini TV/Advertising producer”
Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店 53件
“I am a Commercial Interior Designer and Paintologists are on the top of my list when it comes to recommending residential painters. They do excellent preparation and I know that the end result will ensure a professional look! Elise”
Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店 53件
“I purchased 2 Wonder Wall Studios samples: "Wheels" and "Parker" and received the samples 7 days after my credit card was charged. Pros: The free shipping was fast and the samples were generous in size: 8" x 12". The wood is beautiful and the CWP Architectural website photos accurately represent the wood texture, color, and natural composition. The samples provided me with the information I needed to determine the suitability of the product for my project. Suggestions: I received shipping confirmation on my Houzz profile message board but would have preferred CWP Architectural contact me directly using my personal email information that I provided. As a potential future customer I'm concerned about customer service and proactive communication from a business I'm considering for a very expensive purchase. Summary: I'm pleased I received high quality samples quickly. I suggest that CWP Architectural implement protocols that ensure order confirmation and proactive customer communication that builds confidence with consumers. Thanks!”
Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店 53件
“We used TIMBERWALL in Desert on the alcove wall in our master bedroom, and we love it! Installation was easy and the stain on the boards is gorgeous. The adhesive is strong and I don't anticipate any boards falling off. One tip I'd like suggest is if you are installing dark boards on a white/light wall, there may be gaps between some boards (this occurred when we re-leveled our line to correct for any inherent variations on our wall surface), and we drew on the wall with a dark permanent marker so that white wall wouldn't show through the gaps.”
Waxine inc
Laval, QCの塗料店・壁紙専門店 53件
“We have a few decorative wall in our showroom and it looks great. Easy to install, and their expertise was very useful. Great products, very good service.”