Jackson, WIの塗料店・壁紙専門店 12件

Jackson, WIの塗料店・壁紙専門店をお探しですか? ペンキ塗りやクロス貼りは、住まいに関する施工の中でもDIYでやりやすい分野といえます。しかし、塗料も下地塗装や外装塗装など用途によってさまざまな種類がありますし、壁紙もシワなく貼ろうと思うとなかなか大変です。満足の行く仕上がりをお求めなら、塗装業者やクロス張替え業者に相談してお任せするのが早道。リフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの際は、Houzzの事例写真を参考にあなたにぴったりのJackson, WIの塗料店・壁紙専門店を見つけてください。 もっと見る
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Jackson, WIの塗料店・壁紙専門店 12件の注目レビュー

Chimenti Studios
Jackson, WIの塗料店・壁紙専門店 12件
“I recommend Carrie Chimenti without hesitation. She is professional, dependable, able to meet deadlines and budgets, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Her background in sculpture, ceramics, and drawing lends a naturally creative aspect to every project. She learned the art of Venetian plaster directly from the masters in Italy, and has the best experience and knowledge possible.”
Baker Painting Company
Jackson, WIの塗料店・壁紙専門店 12件
“Sincerely the best painting experience we've had in over 25 years of home ownership. Quality matters. And, Wade and his team are all about quality. They didn't leave a drop of paint on the ground – they do things the right way – and go above and beyond to fix things like water flow issues and point out "watch" areas. Because of their meticulous attention to detail, our home looks brand new, and we are confident their paint job will last for a long time! They are also true to their word on timing and budget. We trust them and recommend them to anyone who cares about the value of their home. We will definitely work with them again!”