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Rue Painting
平均評価:5つ星中 星52015年10月25日
Rue's painting powerwashed and sealed and stained my deck. They we're professional,neat,affordable and had great service! I would definitely refer them to my friends and neighbors.
平均評価:5つ星中 星42013年6月15日
The speedheater and scrapers I purchased get a lot of use. The first time we tried it out we couldn't believe it was true- It really got the paint off! I don't think it's the most efficient way to remove paint from wide flat surfaces or pieces that I can remove and have dipped in a lye tank, but It is great for removing paint from surfaces with profiles or small details (think: window sashes). The scrapers they sell are great, but also necessary. On really old paint, we brush on some linseed oil and leave it for a while before using the heater on it. This helps a lot. There are a few downfalls: (1) The bulbs break easily- in fairness, my speedheater gets a lot of use, and does get dropped occasionally, and so the bulbs do break. (2) It's not "super magic", it does still take a lot of patience to remove the paint, and having to hold the machine in a vertical position (not working on sawhorses) can become tiresome. (3) I know the company says it's safe, but the smell that comes with speedheating the paint doesn't seem like something I want to be breathing, so I wear a respirator. But don't let these little things distract you. Removing paint is never easy or fun, so while this tool is not flawless, it is a necessary tool in the arsenal of anyone trying to remove old paint.
Mario Brothers Painting
平均評価:5つ星中 星52017年6月18日
Mario Brothers was prompt on the estimate. it was the most complete estimate of the 10 quotes I received. They replaced wood rot, sealed and painted. Painted the porch on the house, fence, and deck. This is how they went above and beyond: the board that the house numbers are on was painted to match. the mount for the outdoor lights were painted. the back deck door was repaired and repainted. I am sure there are more touches I haven't noticed yet. Wow, my house looks good! Last, I heard from 2 neighbors about how it went when I was not there. " The crew really gets along and are having a good time working together." " Your painters really like what they do"