Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件

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Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery
Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件
We are building our new home which is 8000 sq ft. We bought all our light fixtures, all the plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances from Ferguson in Memphis TN. They are very professional and thorough in their business dealing. If there was any change of order or price, they dealt with it professionally. The prices were great as well! At first we were under the impression that Ferguson was an expensive store , but it completely changed once they price matched everything. Overall we would give them an A+.
Hobrecht Lighting Design & Décor
Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件
I always refer my clients to Hobrecht for their lighting needs . They have a large variety of styles to choose from. The customer service is excellent ! Always friendly and quick to respond to any questions . I have relied on them for years to help my projects .
Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件
I recieved a quote for a larger quantity of some of their light fixtures. I ended up going a different route, but they were very helpful trought the process.
Lofings Lighting
Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件
If you need an expert in Lighting Lofings Lighting is the place to go. Being a designer it is always important to have a great team, the knowledge they provide me is priceless. Cathy Tonks Designs with you in Mind
Viewpoint Lighting
Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件
Our newly planted courtyard was completely transformed by Andy's lighting. He is very accomplished at placing the right lighting fixtures at the right location for optimal landscape enhancement. Our favorite time to view our yard is when the lights are on. I would recommend Viewpoint Lighting to anyone looking for one of the most talented and reliable lighting landscape professionals in the Sacramento area.
Sestak Lighing Design
Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件
Michael was professional & did an awesome job all around. One of the best businessmen we have ever worked with. The lighting is absolutely beautiful! He went above & beyond to make our back yard look lovely. The front also!!!
Arezzo Lighting & Design
Fair Oaks, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 49件
Great choices of all our lighting,we got help from very nice sales man,we love all of our lighting fixtures.