Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件

Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナーをお探しですか? 「照明で空間をデザインする」という考えが浸透してきた昨今、おしゃれな照明をショールームで見て検討したり、照明専門店で選んだり、照明デザイナーにスタイリングしてもらいたいと思う人も多いのではないでしょうか。 もっと見る

Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件の注目レビュー

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“We are building our new home which is 8000 sq ft. We bought all our light fixtures, all the plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances from Ferguson in Memphis TN. They are very professional and thorough in their business dealing. If there was any change of order or price, they dealt with it professionally. The prices were great as well! At first we were under the impression that Ferguson was an expensive store , but it completely changed once they price matched everything. Overall we would give them an A+.”
Coast Lighting
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“We were looking for outdoor lighting fixtures for our new house. Having looked at a number of options, we were wondering if what we had in mind just did not exist. Coast Lighting worked with us and came up with the idea of having them custom made and it turned out to be great. I highly recommend them for the any major lighting projects that you may have.”
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“The LED light bulbs from this company are unique and stylish. They are much higher quality than those available from Home Depot, Lowe's etc. Ordering was easy. I purchased lights from them before and love them! They provide rich, warm light similar to an incandescent bulb without the heat and at a fraction of the energy cost. Very cool!”
Eichen's Lighting Showroom
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“Eichen's Lighting is fabulous. A great find for the Bay Area, where I struggled to get good service and a good price. Not to name other stores, but the prominent lighting store in SF has repeatedly been rude and non communicative once I've placed an order, likely because I'm not a designer or have huge orders, but I'm a paying customer that deserves respect. Eichen's on the other hand in locally owned and you get the attention and help you deserve, no matter who you are. They have an amazing selection and their staff are super knowledgeable and will help you find exactly what you're looking for, even if they have to order it. The new showroom is gorgeous and helps bring ideas to life, which is important since Lighting is 3-dimensional and magazine/online doesn't do it justice. The best part is that they are open on the weekends, making it easy for me to shop and pick up deliveries while not taking time off work.”
The Crystal Lighting Store (Authorized Dealer)
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“I ordered a beautiful light and it arrived in lightning speed!! I couldn't believe how fast it came and was pleased that it was even prettier than the photos.”
David Wilds Patton Lighting Design
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“We worked with David on a custom wine cellar project for the Hotel Castello di Casole in Siena, Italy. He designed and built a beautifully elegant lighting system for this cellar. Knowledgeable and easy to work with, David was a great asset and partner on this project. We plan to collaborate with him on future projects!”
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“I visited the Soraa booth today at the Strategies in Lightling / LED Show in Santa Clara (3/16) and what makes their product special is how true colors look under their bulbs. Especially when shown in a side-by-side test with other brands, you can see that they compare quite favorably.”
Los Altos Lighting
Belmont, CAの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 93件
“The lighting designers are not only extremely knowledgeable about what would work in different spaces from a functional perspective but really understand trends and provided advice on looks and what pieces would tie each room together. Great selection.”