Aberdour, Fife, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 20件

Aberdour, Fife, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナーをお探しですか? 「照明で空間をデザインする」という考えが浸透してきた昨今、おしゃれな照明をショールームで見て検討したり、照明専門店で選んだり、照明デザイナーにスタイリングしてもらいたいと思う人も多いのではないでしょうか。 もっと見る

Aberdour, Fife, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 20件の注目レビュー

Aberdour, Fife, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 20件
“Quartz is an emerging brand with decades of design industry experience that offers a unique product and excellent, personable service.”
Function Control Ltd.
Aberdour, Fife, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 20件
“Nick designed and installed a very clever system to control electrics, heating , security and sounds system in our home which was being totally renovated. He has been a delight to deal with, patient with architects, electricians and us clients. He is tenacious and will always work to find a solution and seems to remain calm under pressures. I can't recommend him highly enough for an unusual combination of thorough and rigorous technical knowledge combined with an easy pleasant manner. Anne”
John Moncrieff Ltd
Aberdour, Fife, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 20件
“Great Job I was little unsure about the services of John Moncrieff Ltd. John Moncrieff Ltd is one of the best manufacture that I have contact with. Thank you, guys!”
SM Electrical Supplies LTD (SM Lighting)
Aberdour, Fife, UKの照明専門店・照明デザイナー 20件
“This firm was new to me but what a find! They are friendly, extremely helpful and efficient - indeed all that a company ought to be. I really couldn't fault them. They supplied items first of all for my electrician for our house renovation but then I discovered they could source a wide range of lighting so they supplied and fitted. We had a tiny glitch which was rectified promptly and to our satisfaction. I am very happy to recommend them - James their business development manager was fantastic to work with, giving advice and help. Best thing of all - he kept in touch when he said he would and arrived at a time to suit us. I only wish we'd found this firm before we started ripping our house apart rather than just at the final stage. An excellent service all round.”