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Jazzy Manufacture and Design
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
We are a design/build company that gets involved with a lot of kitchen and bathroom renovations. We discovered Jazzy last year and received such an amazing review from our client. Since then, we have been using them for many of our kitchen and bathroom projects. They have an amazingly friendly and talented staff that will hand-hold you throughout your whole project from design conception to installation. They have a cute, yet conservative size showroom but just enough to showcase the wonderful work that they can deliver. Great job, Jazzy!
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
Amazing People that put together amazing product designs with one of the best quality this industry has to offer. A+++++ company.
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
I used one of the Aquabrass ceiling showers on one of my designs, and I was very impressed with the final result. Very cost efficient, clean and simple to install.
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
I LOVE this product. I can not say enough GREAT about Think Glass. I use is a lot in my designs including my own home. I find the company SUPER to work with and they have always taken care of my client's! I would recommend this product as TOPS in beauty, quality and durability!
LEEZA Surfaces
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
Being an Interior Designer for over 20 years, I have dealt with many hard surface companies throughout the years. When Leeza Distribution approached me to specify their product, I was more than impressed. I have been dealing and specifying their products for over 5 years and I am amazed of there continuous professionalism and service they give me. Whether you are a small or a large group, they take the time to advise & recommend the very many different products and applications they offer. They are constantly looking to improve and research leading edge products. Two years ago I went to one of their plants where they manufacture Hanstone hard surface, I was blown away with the respect to detail and care they took, not only towards there product but towards their clientele. If you are looking for quality, customer commitment, and an awesome service: before, during and after with anyone of their staff members, Leeza is the place to go. Thanks to all of you at Leeza for your continuous respect, knowledge and commitment towards my company. Tania Scardellato – TOC design interiors.
Vague & Vogue Pierrefonds
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
We have worked with Plomberium Pierrefonds on many of our bathroom (and some kitchen) projects for the last eight years or more. They have a very good customer service approach and are there to help whenever there is an issue with a product. We highly recommend them for their excellent selection of products and personable and professional staff.
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
Richelieu has an extensive catalogue & web site, a designer doesn't have to look anywhere else to find what they are looking for. Our Local Kelowna Warehouse Staff are an excellent bunch of guys.
Ramacieri Soligo
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
Annie Darveau at Ramaieri Soligo was our design consultant for our bathroom renovation and was key to our project. We had a particularly challenging floor and wall tile color match and Annie spent hours with us to suggest what was a winning combination in the end. She also steered us towards towards other design and product choices, some of which were not even carried by Ramacieri. In addition to design choices, Annie also recommended best-practice installation methods. Annie was extremely patient with us and we very pleased with her knowledge and professional help.
Armoires Promina Cabinets, Inc.
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
I have worked with Promina Cabinets on several projects - from small (disabled friendly) bathrooms to large kitchens, pantries and fireplace built-ins and bedroom wardrobe systems. What I like about Promina is that it is a second generation family business and Ante (the current owner) has a thorough understanding of cabinetry and installation issues. He can take my ideas and run with them and together we can exceed our individual ideas to come up with something unique and exceptional. Ante also has an excellent interpersonal skills with clients - he is very good at explaining the ins and outs of what he will be doing and why. By summer 2013, I will have uploaded several newly completed joint projects that will speak for themselves. You can read about one of the kitchens built by Promina on my website Kitchen Blog under "Warm and Inviting" post. Homeowners and designers alike would benefit from what Promina Cabinets can offer.
Ceramique & Marbre Mondial
Laval, QCのキッチン・浴室設備の専門家
great prices, complete selection of faucets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and of course TONS of ceramics! lots of items in stock, and personnel is very helpful with tips for reno projects.