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Blackley, Greater Manchester, UKの子供用品・ベビー用品店やインテリアの専門家をお探しですか? 子供部屋に彩りを添えるインテリアや子供用品と、お子さまの情操教育にもよさそうなベビー用品など、目にも楽しい赤ちゃん・子供用品。Houzzでは、プレゼントにも喜ばれる子供用品・ベビー用品店を取り扱うBlackley, Greater Manchester, UKのお店やメーカー、赤ちゃん部屋や子供部屋の設計やインテリアを手がける専門家のをご紹介しています。豊富なインテリア事例や口コミを参考に、お子さまにぴったりな部屋づくりを依頼できる専門家を見つけてください。 もっと見る
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Blackley, Greater Manchester, UKの子供用品・ベビー用品店 15件の注目レビュー

Bambini Furniture
Blackley, Greater Manchester, UKの子供用品・ベビー用品店 15件
“Our home is in Northern Ireland so I had to measure and provide the layout/dimensions to Bambini Furniture. All planning/design was remote by phone and email. Plans were made and date/time set. It could not have gone any better! The guys arrived exactly on time, set about working immediately (I forced them to stop for tea and a bacon butty!). The furniture is superb quality - it fitted perfectly. The area was left spotless and after 7-8 months of use and abuse by a 10 year old boy its like new. I have no problem recommending Bambini and will be using them again.”
Kids Funtime Beds
Blackley, Greater Manchester, UKの子供用品・ベビー用品店 15件
“Couldn't be happier with the bed or the service provided friendly people and a fantastic bed and quality my children are over the moon.”