Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件

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Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件の注目レビュー

Decorating Den Interiors
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Total professionalism, from start to finish. Cathi was great. She worked around my busy schedule, and was very knowledgeable about both current design trends as well as more traditional styles. Unlike other interior designers we have used, Cathi actually took time to sit down and listen to what my partner and I wanted, and worked WITH us to create the living space of our dreams. Unlike other designers who simply think they know better than you (and come with that smug, know-it-all attitude), Cathi really understood what we wanted to do, and delivered. We couldn't be happier with her work.”
InFocus Designs
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Susan did an outstanding job helping to clean and stage a home that was being put up for sale. She gave great suggestions, and brought in a few extra items to make the home look warm and inviting. She did such a great job that we got an offer within 8 days of listing the home with a realtor.”
A.J. Szam Designs, Inc.
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Amanda with A.J. Szam Designs has been absolutely incredible to work with. We have a major remodeling project underway and she has made this entire process so much better. There have been so many things along the way that started to seem overwhelming, and Amanda has always stepped in with answers and solutions. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of design and construction. She has been patient and worked tirelessly to ensure that the plans she designs for us, not only suit our specific needs, but that we are completely happy with all aspects. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
Patte Lau Interior Stylist
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Patte Lau did a great job! Her talent and help was perfect. She is a great Interior Stylist. I could not have re-modeled my kitchen and baths without her help!”
Interior Design Solutions
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“When my husband and I decided to remodel our outdated bathroom, we made the decision to enlist the help of a professional. Ester took us through the process from start to finish by not only listening to our needs and desires, but also working within our budget. She designed several options for us which really helped us see what our new bathroom would look like before any work had even begun. Ester's vast knowledge of product sources helped us find all of the materials that we needed to complete our project at the best price possible. She was happy to work with our contractor and was always there to answer any questions along the way. Ester knows how to get the job done and makes the whole process fun and exciting. She is a true joy to work with and will always be our first stop for any future projects.”
Toni Karas Johnston
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Toni Johnston is the greatest and most creative person to design your home. She goes the extra mile. Always there 24/7 for anything that may come up. What I like most about Toni is that she works with you with your ideas, not like many designers who only have their vision of what your home should be. We bought our home in 2008 in Westlake Vilage, it was a total remodel She gave us everything we wanted and more! We still use Toni for all the little changes we do. Love her!”
Michele Hescott Interiors
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Michele is a gifted designer and understands her clients. A joy to work with! She was helpful with the big picture and the smallest details.”
Alexis B. Holt Design Group, LLC
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Alexis B. Holt Design was the most helpful guiding and explaining step by step for creating an atmosphere within a home. Her experience and hands on attitude made me comfortable to ask any question. She is one of the best and would definitely work with her on the next projects.”
Arcadia Design
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“Arcadia was such an asset to my office remodel. From picking paint colors and fabrics to pulling together the rest of the room with furniture and lighting, they transformed thoughts on paper to a living, functional space for myself and my clients. I would recommend Arcadia to any individual or business looking to update their space and have innovative, stylish, and functional areas to enjoy. I really have nothing but good things to say about the hospitality, smooth process and the artistic professionalism that we have experienced here. Recommending to everyone!”
RMH Interiors + Design
Schererville, INのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター 157件
“I love working with RMH Design. I have worked professionally with the owner for nearly 15 years as I have decorated/redecorated 2 different homes. She has a wonderful eye for color and texture and is very patient while I make decisions. (Currently she has sent me at least 15 different choices for a lamp in a living room.) She is also wonderful with my husband, who is typically hesitant to try anything out of his comfort zone. He's a tax lawyer, so basically interior design is all out of his comfort zone. ;)”