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Benning Design Construction
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
I worked with Bruce on a restaurant project in El Dorado Hills, CA. He has the ability and vision to be really creative and try things that are paradigm shifting, definitely outside the box. The job was effortless mainly because Bruce is a consummate professional and no challenge shakes his resolve.I would recommend him to anyone with no second thoughts.
cpopp workshop
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
Curtis did the design for my kitchen remodel and then oversaw the construction from start to finish. He is an absolute perfectionist and takes every single detail into account when doing a project. The entire process was an absolute pleasure. My kitchen is absolutely beautiful and completely unique. The project has been complete for a few months and every day I say to myself, "Curtis did a really, really great job in here." I was on a pretty tight budget but Curtis knew how to incorporate high-end elements while keeping other costs down. I would absolutely 100% recommend Popp Littrell Architecture + Interiors for anyone who is looking for a completely original design. Trust Curtis--don't say no to any of his awesome ideas-and you will not be sorry!
Kerrie Kelly Design Lab
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
5 stars isn't enough to describe my experience with Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Where to begin, Kerrie and her team were always friendly, responsive, enthusiastic and professional. Their sense of style is great and don't force what they like on you, but instead really listen and present options to fit your taste and they are happy to work with what you already have. For almost every room / piece they presented both a reasonable and more expensive option and made you feel good about either choice! They have a great team and resources for any house project at their fingertips. From a financial perspective, I couldn't be more impressed.. I have heard and experienced designers who nickel and dime you at every corner for their time, with KKDL you know exactly what the deal is going to be and I felt that it was very reasonable and services exceeded what I paid for. Photos to follow soon!
The Design Partner
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
We have worked with Diana Mahoney of Design Partners for several years, first to help with a kitchen remodel and then preparing our house for sale. She's now helping us with design choices for our new home. I can't speak highly enough of her! She makes what can be a stressful and overwhelming experience into something fun and interesting, she has great ideas, and remembers every detail. She is also very knowledgeable about resources we can use to reduce costs, which is important to us. A great experience!
Kristen Elizabeth Design
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
so easy to work with and has so many simple but amazing ideas. she worked on my house and my commercial yoga studio
Juxtaposed Interiors
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
Sam, made my bathroom remodel so easy! She brought over the samples with everything coordinated. Saved me hours and hours of trying to figure out what tile, flooring, vanity, etc., and then saved me from all the endless second-guessing that I would have done on my own. Problem solved! It was so easy to order everything I needed, and with her research and knowledge, she was able to save me quite a bit of money on some items.
Atmosphere Design Group
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
Robin has a unique sense of style. Her ability to choose the right color and texture is phenomenal. I have had the pleasure of working with her on various projects, as well as, my own home. She listens to the needs of her clients. She gives numerous choices for all budgets and considers the tastes of her clients as well as other professionals she works with.
Anne Sacco Interiors, LLC
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
My wife and I hired Anne Sacco Interiors to help us with the design of our new home and we couldn't be happier with the results. Anne understood our design goals, worked diligently with our general contractor to keep things on track and brought some wonderful concepts to the project. Her eye for color, contrast and fashion are excellent. She also understood we had a budget and worked with us to spend our dollars wisely. In summary we throughly enjoyed working with Anne in making our dream home come true. Diane and Randy Wilhelm.
Rebecca Ward Design
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
My daughter was looking for an interior design person to help her decorate her new home and found Rebecca Ward on the internet. Did not know Rebecca, looked at her photos that she had on her website and liked what she did. I loved how she decorated my daughter's home so I decided to hire her. I am very pleased what she has done to my home too. Rebecca is very nice to work with, very professional and she has a lot of great ideas. I would not have a problem Recommending Rebecca to anyone.
Mary Ann Downey Interior Design
Elverta, CAのインテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター
Design services for whole house remodel. Original recommendation was from our contractor for a design/build project. MADD quickly comprehended our desired outcomes and developed a great overall design with a feel that perfectly matched our life style. While the overall project cost exceeded our intended budget we loved it so much we bit the bullet and went for it. MADD helped us to identify those areas where cost cutting would negatively impact the project but also steered us to budget savings areas that were negligible to the look and feel of the project. MADD was easy to work with and respectful of our opinions. I love the approach of absorbing the information we gave her both verbally and physically and then providing us with several options to choose among. It saved us a lot of time and showed how an interior designer's skill can move our project to the next level.