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Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家をお探しですか? エアコンはその名の通り、室内の温度を調節する設備です。一方、空調設備は、温度や湿度の調整や空気の清浄など室内環境を整えるための建築設備で、「空気調和設備」を意味する英語「Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning」の頭文字をとって「HVAC(ヒーバック)」 と呼ばれることもあります。室内空間の快適性だけでなく、人々の健康や地球環境にまで影響を与える空調設備。エアコン取り付け、エアコン修理、管理などの工事は、信頼できる専門業者にお任せしたですよね。Houzz では、全国の冷暖房・空調設備の専門家の専門家を、事例写真やレビューと共にご紹介しています。戸建てやマンションのリフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの際は、Houzz で見つけた冷暖房・空調設備の専門家までお気軽にお問い合わせください。 もっと見る
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Morgan Mechanical, Inc.
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
I hired Morgan mechanical to do a furnace had a couple issues with the type of furnace installed they did a great job and came out and reinstalled a new one very happy with Morgan mechanical thanks a lot
Bob's Heating and Air Conditioning
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
I recently had all of my ductwork replaced by Bob's Heating. When my husband and I bought our house 3 years ago, we purchased it "as is" and did not realize that our duct work was shot, but also how terrible our crawl space was. We spent 3 years paying a heating bill of over $300! We had Bob's out to look at running a gas line for a fireplace for us, when they explained that our ductwork was disconnected in several spots, and the rest of the ducts had holes in them, caused by a past rat problem. We hired Bob's to come out and replace our ductwork for us. Our home comfort is so much better, and I cannot wait to see our next heating bill! We are no longer heating our crawl space, but our house! We are so happy that we chose Bob's Heating and Air Conditioning! Bobby and Alex were very efficient and friendly, and even the manager Tom stopped to make sure that everything was going smoothly!
Green City Heating & Air Conditioning
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
At first I was on the fence about getting a central AC system installed into my house. I made an appointment with a few companies to get quotes and more information. Green City sent Mike to my house and i was impressed by how knowledgable he was and understanding that I was on the fence about this big purchase. Green City had great customer service and quickly after booking with Mike I had an install crew at my house (who were also very nice and knowledgable about the installation). They followed up and made sure everything was up to my standard after the install as well. Very helpful and great customer service from start to finish. They made the process much easier then i believed it would be.
Washington Energy Services
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
Washington Energy Services has installed a gas fireplace and all new windows in my new-to-me 1941 house. Gutters are next, then garage and other exterior doors. Obviiusly, i like them and the eork thry do! They're a good sized family owned company with specialized, professional teams for each product line. Highly recommend!
Innovative Comfort Systems, Inc.
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
I very much enjoyed working with this company, the sales, office and field staff were all very knowledgeable, responsive and intent on doing the job right. Definitely recommend.
Cardinal Heating & A/C, Inc.
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
Innovative plan for HVAC! Great workers, punctual, friendly accomadating of our suggestions! Made the venting very discrete as we requested. Thank you Cardinal!!
Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
they diagnosed my furnace as needing a new blower and had to order the part. Adam was courteous, prompt and very good at explaining things. Once the furnace was working that way he found the induction motor assembly also needed replacing. He came back as promised and quickly installed that part. I have been toasty ever since.
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
Hired Airganic for crawl space restoration estimate after rodents penetration, they were very knowledgeable and provided a scope of work right in the place and a price quote. They arrived on date and time scheduled and were very informative by keep updating me on process. Highly recommended!
Weekend Heating & Cooling LLC
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
Evgenii with Weekend Heating & Cooling is amazing! Every time I have used him, he has come to the job site within 24hours and solved the problem very quickly. His pricing is always fair and he doesn’t play games. I highly recommend his company for all HVAC needs
Rossoe Energy Systems & Oil Company
Woodinville, WAの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 80人
Great business. Great staff. Dan Osburne is a great resource for HVAC. I recommend this company everytime I have a customer who needs a gas furnance or A/C unit. I have referred this company for years. Honest company with great service. They respond to each of my referrals promptly and the feedback I get from my customers is positive every time.