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Stallings, NCの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家をお探しですか? エアコンはその名の通り、室内の温度を調節する設備です。一方、空調設備は、温度や湿度の調整や空気の清浄など室内環境を整えるための建築設備で、「空気調和設備」を意味する英語「Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning」の頭文字をとって「HVAC(ヒーバック)」 と呼ばれることもあります。室内空間の快適性だけでなく、人々の健康や地球環境にまで影響を与える空調設備。エアコン取り付け、エアコン修理、管理などの工事は、信頼できる専門業者にお任せしたですよね。Houzz では、全国の冷暖房・空調設備の専門家の専門家を、事例写真やレビューと共にご紹介しています。戸建てやマンションのリフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの際は、Houzz で見つけた冷暖房・空調設備の専門家までお気軽にお問い合わせください。 もっと見る
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Helms Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.
Stallings, NCの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 57人
Helped me get new ac unit when kb homes installed unit with insufficient blower for size of house at no charge. Their boys professionally installed my unit. When there was an issue, repairs were made promptly.
MTB Mechanical, Inc
Stallings, NCの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 57人
Guthmann Construction uses MTB Mechanical regularly on our design-build renovations. They are experts in this field, and are able to provide quality HVAC materials and modifications to every project. They consistently meet our deadlines and budgets, making them a pleasure to work with. We are grateful for our relationship with MTB, and our clients are always satisfied with their work.
Healthy Home Heating & Air
Stallings, NCの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 57人
Healthy Home is fast, courteous and knowledgeable about HVAC systems. Their staff is friendly and prices are reasonable. I see the value in their repeated service at both my home and office. I would recommend them.
All-Phase Heating and Cooling
Stallings, NCの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 57人
We hire Mr. Swearingen for our two houses whenever there is any repair on the cooling or heating system. Once we had to replace our outside AC unit. We are pleased with the Unit replacement. He is Always prompt, efficient & reliable. We can strongly recommend Mr. Swearingen.
Charlotte Comfort Systems, Inc.
Stallings, NCの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 57人
Replaced both HVAC units with Chlt Comfort Systems. Initial service and all follow-up service has been exceptional. Salesman provided us with a no pressure offer and worked us into their schedule quickly.
Air Central of the Carolinas
Stallings, NCの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 57人
This company installed a a new air conditioning and heating unit for us. They responded the same day we called and came out to see what the problem was with our old system. The air conditioning compressor was toast and they explained our options of replacing the compressor or buying a new system. We discussed it that night and called them the next day and told them we wanted to replace the unit. The owner came right out and showed us the options for new units. We picked one and they were at our house they next morning to install it. They put down drop clothes everywhere they walked. It only took them until 2 P.M. to finish. The guys cleaned everything up, removed all the boxes and our house was cool by 4 P.M. They were professional, knowledgeable and quick, but thorough. I didn't like the thermostat that came with the unit, so they brought out other choices, explained them all and let us decide if we wanted to upgrade. We didn't think businesses gave that kind of service anymore and we would highly recommend them!