Pinehurst, TXの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 96人

Pinehurst, TXの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家をお探しですか? エアコンはその名の通り、室内の温度を調節する設備です。一方、空調設備は、温度や湿度の調整や空気の清浄など室内環境を整えるための建築設備で、「空気調和設備」を意味する英語「Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning」の頭文字をとって「HVAC(ヒーバック)」 と呼ばれることもあります。室内空間の快適性だけでなく、人々の健康や地球環境にまで影響を与える空調設備。エアコン取り付け、エアコン修理、管理などの工事は、信頼できる専門業者にお任せしたですよね。Houzz では、全国の冷暖房・空調設備の専門家の専門家を、事例写真やレビューと共にご紹介しています。戸建てやマンションのリフォーム・リノベーションをお考えの際は、Houzz で見つけた冷暖房・空調設備の専門家までお気軽にお問い合わせください。 もっと見る

Pinehurst, TXの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 96人の注目レビュー

Morrow Mechanical
Pinehurst, TXの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 96人
“A friend of mine worked for this company. He said that other AC companies will "clean" units with a corrosive that destroys the units in a shorter time span so that they have to be replaced. He worked for THIS company because, not only do they not do that, they really try to get the best deals for their customers...not just the cheapest, but what will work out best in the long run. I.E. they are ethical. We have now been with Morrow Mechanical for years and could not be happier. They have a program where you pay for a contract (very reasonably priced) that allows for better budgeting, then they come twice a year to service the equipment. The contract also gives you reduced prices on any needed repairs and gives you front-of-the-line service in emergencies. This contract has saved us many dollars, wait time, and has extended the life of our equipment. Good people.”
AirAide-Air Conditioning & Heating
Pinehurst, TXの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 96人
“On time and respectful crew. Listen to my needs and provided a few options that were right for me. Great price considering the professional service was top notch.”
Air National Houston
Pinehurst, TXの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 96人
“AC inspection was scheduled for the summer. Technician called us ahead of time and arrived on time. Finished complete AC inspection and provided us simple explanation of thing to be taken care of to avoid future problems. Also provided free estimate of things to be resolved to save AC from breakdowns. Overall great experience and service provided”
Texas Star Heating & Cooling LLC
Pinehurst, TXの冷暖房・空調設備の専門家 96人
“I used to service of Texas Star Heating and Cooling to fix my AC prob. They were very efficient, were on time, I would recommend to everyone to hire them to fix your HVAC issue.”