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Home Staging Charlotte Labouret
Sherrington, QCのホームステージングの専門家 68件
Charlotte is a true professional. She takes her time to view the qualities of the home and transforms it into something even more spectacular. She is innovative and creative. If you are looking to enhance the look of the home that your are selling, then you are in the best hands possible. My experience with Charlotte was amazing. Her vision is unique and breathtaking. She is capable of up scaling the home which will attract more buyers. I highly recommend her services.
Sherrington, QCのホームステージングの専門家 68件
I have had the opportunity to work with Liz, the owner of LG Home Harmony, on many staging and redesign projects; she never fails to wow and impress me. A truly motivated and talented professional, I would highly recommend her.
Sherrington, QCのホームステージングの専門家 68件
They make living environments functional, comfortable and invaluable sources for peace of mind. Thank you again for your expertise. PFP
Home Staging Montreal
Sherrington, QCのホームステージングの専門家 68件
J'ai eu la chance de côtoyer Sveta via nos travails respectifs et j'ai vu ces réalisations qui sont à la fois uniques et réconfortantes. Les ambiances qu'elle réussi à créer nous mènent vers la sérénité et le bonheur de se retrouver chez soi.
Idea Interiors
Sherrington, QCのホームステージングの専門家 68件
i started working with elena many years ago. she helped my transform my overly cluttered 1 bedroom apt into an airier and brighter space. She then helped me transform a 1 bedroom condo. The pieces of furniture, style and color were phenomenal and transitioned beautifully into a house 10 years later. her creativity and her passion are the secret ingredients to her great eye and style - but don't tell anyone I told you :)