Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件

Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件の注目レビュー

Jewell's Quality Home Systems
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“Nathan is a second generation home automation expert, who does installation for Apple executives and "tech titans," here in Silicon Valley. He has proven himself to have all the qualities necessary to be a part of our building tribe.”
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“Larry and Evergreen Home Systems Inc. did a wonderful job for my clients in Milpitas. They had a dangerous situation with wires everywhere. Larry was able to transform the mess into a wireless system and hide all of the hardware. The living room looked amazing afterwards, and the clients were very happy. I would highly recommend hiring Larry and his team! Thora Tam Decorating Den Interiors 408.223.7300”
Regent5, LLC
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“I had Cham convert my new home in Hillsborough into a smart home with media room, and theater room with stadium seatings. Cham and his team did an awesome job. Cham uses the best AV equipments for our house. The sound is amazing!!! Thank you Cham!!!”
Media Works
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“Media Works did an amazing job updating my entertainment system, including installing Sonos, outdoor speakers and Apple TV. They were efficient, professional and trust-worthy. I highly recommend them and will use them for all future entertainment and security system needs.”
Residential Technology Services
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“Zach and the team at RTS have been fantastic. They've done a significant amount of work for us -- all sorts of rewiring, setting up sound systems, etc. They've helped make old wiring work and also installed new wiring. The cost was reasonable and if there were ever problems with my system after they came, RTS was quick to respond and fix things right away. We had previous A/V person (he had all five star reviews) and RTS is far more professional of an outfit. We had a really hard time finding A/V help and are very happy that we found RTS.”
The Integrated Lifestyle
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“I am a Design-Build residential remodel contractor in the South San Francisco Bay Area. I have been incorporating and recommending Integrated Lifestyles (IL) for Audio, Video, Internet Cabling on most of my residential remodeling project for many years. My clients really appreciate IL's clever solutions for their often complicated system installations. Where IL really excels is in the personalization, integration, programing, and training so there systems are seamless and easy for the client's use.”
Hermary's LLC
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“My family has been a loyal customer of Hermary's for the past 3 years and highly recommend them for your one stop shop for home automation. Hermary's has been an excellent and patient advisor and assisted us in creating a scalable solution as we have expanded our system over 3 major phases. Starting with the basics (tv, speakers, rack system, control 4, home networking) to integrating our home security, cameras, lighting, and multi-zone entertainment (across 6 zones including 3 in the backyard and door station). Dana McKissick, John Reynolds, Paco, Clarence Hermary and the rest of the team have been great to work with, while accommodating our needs as we have evolved into a complex system for our entire home. Smart home technology evolves quickly and the Hermary's team is not only staying up on the latest trends, but mindful in how to adapt and scale a solution that works for your custom needs. We intend to remain loyal customers and will likely do additional projects in the future.”
Eques, Inc.
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“I ordered the Eques Veiu doorbell and could not be any happier with the company in both quality and service. This is a professional company that cares for its products and customers. Overall, I am happy with Eques and look forward to more innovative house products in the future.”
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“I've been designing high-end custom homes for almost two decades here in the Bay Area. ZettaComm is by far the BEST A/V team I've ever worked with. A young, energetic group of top-notched pros who are at the forefront all the latest and greatest in audio/video technology. Responsive, reliable, trustworthy and a joy to work with.”
Stanford, CAのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 81件
“So fitting to bring advanced technology in a clever, yesteryear, fully functional info tool, utilized for decades. We can’t wait to receive our boards for use in our lux vacation rentals.”