Portsmouth, Hampshire, UKのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 11件

Portsmouth, Hampshire, UKのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 11件の注目レビュー

Home Smart Home
Portsmouth, Hampshire, UKのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 11件
“I cannot recommend HSH highly enough if you are thinking of any intelligent home control solutions. From the initial meeting through to the end product, I found the company to be highly professional, friendly, extremely considerate and above all with an attention to detail that meant the end result was exactly what we wanted to achieve! We actually got more than we wanted (and how often does that happen?), as HSH made several suggestions that improved on our original ideas. HSH took the time to sit down with us and really understand what we wanted to achieve, and carefully and simply explained the options available in a way that made it really easy for us to decide on what we wanted now, and the options that we could still add in the future. What really impressed me was how well HSH understood how we actually use the house, and when all the programming was finished the house just seemed to completely "manage itself" - we were quite excited by the prospect of making our home intelligent to fit in with our living patterns, but were absolutely delighted with the finished product and how the house just "knows" how we want the lighting and heating to work - it's very unique to us. When the intelligent light switches and so on were installed, it was all very efficient and although the switches were off the wall at various times, you would have never known as there was no trace left behind - I found this to be highly respectful as everything was left so clean and tidy. Mr John Peckham.”
Ugot Smart Integration
Portsmouth, Hampshire, UKのホームシアター・オートメーションの専門家 11件
“A major project to upgrade obsolete home media system. Full and clear quotation covering a change to a new technical system. Project delivered on time and at agreed cost. Communications with admin effective and friendly, covering several visits throughout the job. Prompt and effective attention to post commissioning work to optimise the system to the house. Confidence that any future servicing needs will be promptly addressed. Thank you Ugot”