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AVINU - Home Technology
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
Mike and Darrell did a first class job installing our internet Sky etc when we moved to Cookham. They were both very professional cheerful and humorous ( Darrell especially humorous ) . I would recommend them too anyone who wants any technology fitted or sorted . Superb.
Adept Integrated Systems Ltd
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
We engaged Matthew Cupper and Adept to design and install a comprehensive HMS for a mansion house we built on Wentworth. Their approach was professional and the system installation works brilliantly. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for a similar project.
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
AVA is very dependable, honest, and has great insight on new technology for the home. We have been using AVA for over 5 years now for our several home projects (cctv, home music system, home entertainment system, Sonos, etc.). Highly recommend.
George Michael Hancock
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
Hello, George Hancock has done many electrical jobs for us over the years. He has been extremely efficient and creative. He has not only done interior work , but also exterior lighting for us. The interior lighting he has done for us includes wall lighting, ceiling lighting and spots in a walk in wardrobe. Really lovely lights in the wardrobe along the outside of the hanging space!
Ai Technology Ltd
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
We were having trouble with out Wifi reception in some areas of the house and Rex was recommended to come and sort the problem out which he did very successfully. He also organized our electrics and moved our elderly music system to Sonos for everyone in the house to use which has been really popular. We have been very pleased.
Thames Valley Home Cinema
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
Well I loved the first cinema system that Thames Valley Home Cinema put in with great professionalism and tidiness, that I have had a second system installed in my bedroom. If you came into my house, you would not think that I had a television. But I have two: but unless they are in use, neither is evident; they are hidden away. But I have better and bigger screens than ever before. A cinema in fact in my two main rooms. And Steve from Thames Valley Home Cinema has installed it all with great attention to detail as well as hide all the cables and has even tidied away cables from other electrical installations which had been left ugly by another supplier. This time the cinema “projector” is in a cupboard over the bed and the speakers are hidden away inside the wall. So while the effect is the same, the system is designed to fit the particular circumstances of the room. It is perfection. I am so pleased with it.
Beacon Installations Limited
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
Jeremy helped us modernise our 150 year old coach house in a discreet way. We now have hardwired internet and audio throughout our home. I can listen to club classics in the kitchen while my husband listens to Bach in the bath. We also have a brilliant security / door entry system with cameras we can view remotely via our mobile phones. If you want to upgrade the technology in your home, make sure you talk to him and if you are embarking on a new build or a renovation be sure to get him in at the beginning. He’s knowledgable, easy to work with and cares about completing a quality job. I recommend Jeremy and his services highly.
Cre8tive Rooms Ltd
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
This is the first time I've worked alongside the team at Cre8tive and would highly recommend them. They are experts in their field and really easy to work with. As an interior designer managing a large project I need first class suppliers around me to manage deadlines and keep the client happy. I don't have to worry about anything in relation to AV as their advice, approach and attention to detail has been second to none and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again on future projects. They do exactly what they say they are going to do and nothing is too much trouble. Great job guys!
Powertrac Electrical Services
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
Excellent standard of work and customer care. Also has good aftersales service. Powertrac are up to date and current which is a benefit when planning a smart house project as well as regular electrical work
Philharmonic AV
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKのホームシアター専門店
it was a pleasure to work with Phil and Steve. They gave me so much advice and help with my project. The service was great and all on time. I have also worked with them in a professional basis as I am a designer and they have worked on some of my jobs and again they are so good at what they do it makes my job easier. The clients are also happy at the end which is the main thing!