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Marrero, LAのハウスメーカーをお探しですか?新築一戸建てのマイホームを建てる際、その建設にかかる費用はやはり気になるところです。1坪あたりの建築費用である坪単価について、Marrero, LAのハウスメーカーごとにご案内し、自分にあった住宅メ―カーを選ぶためにはどうすればいいか、ご紹介します。 もっと見る
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All Star Premier Homes, LLC
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
All Star Premier Homes, LLC built my new construction home. All of the workers were professional. The job was completed in a timely manner and I was 100% satisfied with the final product. I would highly recommend this company to build or renovate any home.
Osborne Contractors LLC
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
Several years ago we looked at a few of their homes and liked the attention to detail and workmanship. Eventually we purchased one of their homes in its final stage of completion. It I was a new home but had the charm and character of an older home. They were easy to work with.
Southern Heritage Construction LLC
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
We were very happy with Southern Heritage. They did everything we asked,great to work with. Best price also. They are wonderful people, and they stand behind their work. We have recommended them to several people. V.O.
Schumacher Homes
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
We built with Schumacher Homes. We have been in our home for 1 yr. the build process went really good until the last couples weeks when the paint and drywall were being finished. At the time we were upset but realized their work was going to be limited and they reminded us that they come back at a year to redo/finish anyrthing we wanted. They just came back and said everything we wanted would not be a problem. Our contractor Tom was a good guy to work with. I don't recommend letting the lady who takes you through the design center to give prices because we were charged a couple thousand more than what was expected on a couple items. Overall our experience with them was good and hopefully everything that comes with the house including 10 yr structural and 30 yr roof/ dry basement stays good.
Alternative Design/Build Group, LLC
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
Building a house from the ground up is an exciting time, but it can also be one of the most stressful times as well! Luckily, we didn't experience the stressful part of building our home. Gary and Martin, owners of Alternative construction, were incredible during our construction from day one. In addition, they were honest with us, which was very much appreciated. We would recommend this company to anyone.
Decro Development, LLC.
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
Decro Development does a fabulous job! I have worked with them for many years. They build such beautiful, quality homes.
Omni Builders, Inc.
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
I have had the pleasure of working with Rick for several years in upscale community developments. He has built numerous homes for friends and clients who have been ecstatic with the finished product. Rick has always delivered incredible architectural concepts and has implemented these into the homes he builds and designs. I refer him to my friends, family and colleagues without hesitation. He will do a fantastic job for you with incredible value.
De Jesus Construction Co., Inc.
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
Leo is the finest person I have had the pleasure to work with in my 43 years in business. His attention to detail & his eye for what is correct in a build is unparalleled. I have been envolved in 10 new construction projects with Leo and numerous renovations. He is truly a cut above.
Entablature, LLC
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
Entablature is a very talented construction firm doing outstanding work. As a fellow builder, I admire their design and creativity, especially on complicated projects. Their attention to detail is to be admired and they offer a transparent build process for their clients. They are civic minded as well, helping out their community when times were tough. I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for new construction or renovation.
Guidry Custom Homes, Inc.
Marrero, LAのハウスメーカー 162件
Thr Guidry Family helped me bring my dream home to life. I came to them with my custom home plans and they did a wonderful job. They were extremely professional, respectful and courteous. They helped me with cost saving options and explained the process thouroghly. I highly recommend their company!