Batley, West Yorkshire, UKの園芸・ガーデニング用品店 19件

植物や園芸用品、おしゃれなガーデニング雑貨、外装アクセサリーの専門家・ショップをお探しですか? 支柱やプランターなどの園芸用品だけでなく、表札やポスト、小さなフェンスやベンチ、家の外壁を飾るアクセサリーなどを扱うBatley, West Yorkshire, UKのもご紹介しています。 家の”顔”でもある庭やエクステリアも、インテリア同様こだわってデザインしたいものですね。商品写真や施工事例などを参考に、ご自分のイメージに合う一品を取り扱う園芸・ガーデニング用品店をぜひ Houzz で見つけてください。 もっと見る

Batley, West Yorkshire, UKの園芸・ガーデニング用品店 19件の注目レビュー

Batley, West Yorkshire, UKの園芸・ガーデニング用品店 19件
“We have some fabulous plants from Bentley's in our showroom. we have a vast range of plants in stunning large pots.”
The Queen of Spades
Batley, West Yorkshire, UKの園芸・ガーデニング用品店 19件
“Katie is a joy to work with. Her designs are fun, interesting and inventive. She's very personable yet a true professional. My team and I look forward to collaborating with her again in the near future.”
Mel Speak Garden Design
Batley, West Yorkshire, UKの園芸・ガーデニング用品店 19件
“We contacted Mel to design our garden as we had little idea where to start, not really a green finger between us. Our garden was not large and a lot of the space towards the rear of the garden was taken up by a sloping lawn. We asked her if she could utilise the space we had and make it appear larger, give us a nicer view from our house and a patio area where we could relax and entertain guests. She took everything on board that we asked and incorporated the features we already had in our garden that we wished to keep. Mel has been fantastic, offering help and advice at all stages, often coming back and helping us add features. Our garden does not get much sunlight and her knowledge of which plants would be suitable was indispensable. We would happily recommend Mel Speak Garden Design to anyone!”