Homestead, FLのガレージ施工・カーポート施工会社 23件

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Precision Garage Door of Miami
Homestead, FLのガレージ施工・カーポート施工会社 23件
The technician was on time. Excellent work. Very happy with the whole project. Recommended to my neighbor and he was also very happy.
Garage Door Solutions Corp
Homestead, FLのガレージ施工・カーポート施工会社 23件
Great price, and workmanship. I would recommend. I like the way they clean up after themselves The price they gave me is the price I paid( at least $500 less than their competitors for the same door.).
Garage Door Repair Cutler Bay
Homestead, FLのガレージ施工・カーポート施工会社 23件
Proven Repair Results I am clueless about technical matters so I hired this garage door contractor to provide repair to my garage door sensors. The members of the crew seemed very skilled and worked with great dexterity. They ran tests on the sensors to confirm that they were working well, and I liked the fact that I got proof of the job well done.
Dimark Garage Doors
Homestead, FLのガレージ施工・カーポート施工会社 23件
This small family owned business is awesome! Instead of trying to convince me to completely replace relatively new garage genie as larger companies did, Marlon was able to find the needed broken part online. He replaced part, and provided maintenance on opener/garage door for a fraction of replacement cost, and in less than an hour. They are very professional. I highly recommend Dimark Garage Doors and will definitely use them in the future!
Garage Door Repair Palmetto Bay
Homestead, FLのガレージ施工・カーポート施工会社 23件
Everything works perfectly! Hands down these guys have the best customer repair service in town! Their serviceman replaced my garage door springs in less than an hour today at a very reasonable price. Everything works perfectly now!
Garage Door Repair Kendall
Homestead, FLのガレージ施工・カーポート施工会社 23件
Expert Solution Despite the presence of a bottom seal, the lower end of my steel garage door was getting rusty along with the bottom sections of the tracks. This garage door contractor provided complete repair which included rust removal and repainting of the panels. They identified the cause of the problem which was my corrosive garage floor cleaner and recommended an alternative product for eliminating the issue.