Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件

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Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
We worked with Michael to decorate/design and purchase furniture for our home (featured in multiple photo shoots and magazines). We loved working with Michael for his amazing suggestions, his ability to understand what we wanted and were looking for as well him and the entire Beige team being so fun to work with. We would send Michael emails of what we were looking for and he had the ability to source everything we wanted and always at the best price. He was great in suggesting fabrics for ottomans, curtains, banquets, cushions, beds, etc! He helped us choose paint colors for the house, amazing rugs and more. Our furniture is just gorgeous! Everything we purchased from him from the large items, the lamps, to the little touches that just helped make our house into the gorgeous home it is today. There isn't 1 person that walks into our home that doesn't fall in love and that is because of the work Michael and his team at Beige did for and with us. Picture Perfect!
Kanvass Home
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
Purchased some Eames DSW Walnut Base chairs - product came today, finish on walnut legs looks great, and they were quick to work out a minor miscommunication and resolve the issue effectively and quickly! Great prices and free shipping on 2 chairs in Canada. Will be shopping again!
Mobilart Furniture & Decor
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
I Just built my new house. I was looking for ideas and furniture pieces that would fit with the eclectic mix of modern and antique furniture I already had. I came across mobilart on Facebook and fell in love with their posts. I visited the store. They were most helpful in guiding me to furniture that was exactly my taste for each room. The prices were reasonable and they were busy moving things around so I could better envision the piece of furniture that would fit into the rest of my decor. They were extremely knowledgable and professional. This store and their pieces were a perfect fit for me and my budget. They even offered to come take a look at the house but I knew what they showed me was a perfect fit. I had a great experience shopping for furniture, they made it easy and stress free. My pieces I purchased were delivered on time with no delay. I highly recommend mobilart to everyone furniture shopping wether it be an entire room or just an accent piece.
Mikaza Home
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
One of the few remaining knowledgable furniture stores. The owners are hands on, the selection is enormous and the prices are fair. 5 stars in my opinion
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
I love these Eiffel chairs, better than I thought! delivery was fast! I will definitely recommend to my friends. Again, thank you very much!
Celadon Collection
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
Nice quality goods with style. Fashionable yet somewhat affordable classic and contemporary furniture and accessories. Love to look around the shop on a sunny Saturday!
Ives Restoration
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
I bought a small jewellery box/chest of drawers from Ives Restoration. The restoration job was lovely, and I was pleased with the attention paid to detail. Jessica and Lisa were very pleasant to work with - professional and friendly. I have already asked them to do other projects for me, and would wholeheartedly recommend them.
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
I've worked with ITEM pretty much ever since they've opened. They have such a great selection of unique furniture and accessories available both on their floor and through catalogue. Their staff is so helpful in making sure that our clients are well taken care of and they personally take the time to find the exact pieces that we're looking for, which is so rare in this industry. They've gone above and beyond on more than one occasion. We love visiting their store because we always fall in love with something new, yet it's their staples and the service that keep us coming back.
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
THOUT is an amazing furniture design company whose products are genuinely original. Modern but with a sense of tradition. They've had amazing success very quickly because they've struck a chord and filled a void in the design world. All the THOUT furniture I own stands out and have become highlights in our home. I can't wait to see what comes next from this truly talented Canadian company.
Meubles Mobican Furniture Inc
Saint-edouard-de-napierville, QCの家具屋・インテリアショップ 288件
Our store has been selling Mobican furniture for more then 20 years. Great company, phenomenal quality and gorgeous design. Superb customer service.