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平均評価:5つ星中 星52015年12月11日
The frames are beautiful and they improved the look of our bathrooms so much !! MIRRORCHIC sure has a frame that goes with every style and color of your bathroom tiles. We saw the job they did in a brand new residence in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods, and we contacted them. Because we live in Fallbrook, they even brought the samples to our home, which was great! We ended up framing all of our bathroom mirrors and we are very happy we did it !! It is an affordable, fast and no messy way to transform your bathrooms. MIRRORCHIC made sure we were 100% satisfied. The best thing is that all these frames are made here in USA !!
Woodwaves Inc.
平均評価:5つ星中 星42017年1月10日
We purchased the three piece wave unit in November and installed it in December. Instructions and installation were easy as expected by reading reviews on other sites. The piece itself is beautiful and well crafted. It looks like a very nice piece of modern/rustic mix furniture. The only problem I have now is, the wires are protruding from the speakers and receivers with no realistic way to hide them. I hired an electrician to hide the TV wires behind the wall, but the surround sound speaker wires are cumbersome and unsightly at best. The wires connecting all of the receiving and satellite equipment are also problematic. I should have looked at the pictures closely, because I was sold with the clean design and look in the picture and did not have a realistic expectation. Now, I am searching for compromises. I think we will need to drill multiple holes in the unit to accomplish a cleaner more refined appearance. Wish these units were predrilled for this purpose or had a channel running through the back to connect all three pieces together. I am sure others will experience similar problems.
Roomors Home Furnishings
平均評価:5つ星中 星52013年7月24日
Roomors is a wonderful resource for a designer. Kristen is easy to work with and really knows her manufacturers. She's runs the business by herself so she's always busy but she still manages to give exceptional customer service. I have referred all of my clients to her store even if they live out of the area. It's worth the drive. Her site is not a traditional storefront. It's located in a business park. She doesn't have samples of all of the furniture she is able to order but she has a ton of fabric samples and catalogs. As a designer, I love having choices and basically designing custom furniture!
Vans Furniture Restoration
平均評価:5つ星中 星52014年9月12日
Van Schipper is an artist and does beautiful work. He loves wood and repairing and restoring furniture, but is also talented in other ways. Van filled a gap in my newly installed granite last summer. When he was done, you could never guess there was once a 1/3 of an inch gap between my granite and the wall... I highly recommend his work. Van also decorated a long dining table my husband built. I will try and find the pictures of that. So you to, can be amazed.