Guanaba, QLD, AUの家具屋・インテリアショップ 86件

Guanaba, QLD, AUの家具屋・インテリアショップをお探しですか? 家具屋やインテリア雑貨ショップのお店は国内だけでも星の数ほどあります。その中でも自分の好きなテイストの家具やインテリア雑貨を探すのは難しい! と思っていませんか? Houzzには家づくりの専門家が集結。豊富なセレクションからあなたのお気に入りの商品を扱う家具屋やインテリア雑貨店を見つけてください。 もっと見る

Guanaba, QLD, AUの家具屋・インテリアショップ 86件の注目レビュー

BHD Australia
Guanaba, QLD, AUの家具屋・インテリアショップ 86件
“I approached Tai from Banhini after seeing a presentation of their immaculate decorative cushion selection recently. When I heard that they also do 3-D artwork I jumped at the opportunity to visit their showroom to make my selections for a residential project. It was great to be able to customise each artwork with frames and mats. There's a lot of creativity in the Bandhini office. Ideas seem to come from the most interesting places and it's a pleasure to work alongside people who think differently. I can't wait to use Bandhini product again!”
Innovate Interiors
Guanaba, QLD, AUの家具屋・インテリアショップ 86件
“I recently used Innovate Interiors for a renovation project that I am working on, and a large amount of artwork was required. Innovate Interiors were extremely helpful and had all of my framing completed in an extremely efficient time frame. I cannot recommend their company highly enough. Thanks Innovate team!”
Recycled by Luke
Guanaba, QLD, AUの家具屋・インテリアショップ 86件
“We wanted a high bar table for our apartment balcony which was not large enough for a table and chairs. We were after the recycled look but did not want to buy online from overseas. Luke was able to craft exactly what we wanted, customising to our size and colour requirements. We are thrilled with the bar table which is well made, sturdy and attractive”