Laval, QCの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 21件

Laval, QCの暖炉・ストーブの専門家をお探しですか? 人が集まり、炎のぬくもりを感じられる暖炉や薪ストーブに関心が高まっています。インテリアとしてもリビングでの存在感は圧倒的ですし、自然環境にも優しくエコロジーの意識が高い人には特に魅力的な暖房器具です。 もっと見る

Laval, QCの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 21件の注目レビュー

Nergiflex - Foyers / Fireplaces / BBQ Montreal
Laval, QCの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 21件
“In our history, we dealth with more than 400 fireplace retailer. Nergiflex is one of the few who understand and work the design, compare to most who are just selling the box.”
Lambert Roofing & Chimney Services/Foyer Lambert
Laval, QCの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 21件
“Foyer Lambert built a fabulous fireplace and stone wall for me in my kitchen it was a maticulous job beyond my expectations, I highly recommend this family run business for any housing projects, 100% reliable and professional.”
Laval, QCの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 21件
“I hired this company for a fireplace mantel. The quote was as he said and the job was profesionally made. I appreciated doing business with this company.”