Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件

Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家をお探しですか? 人が集まり、炎のぬくもりを感じられる暖炉や薪ストーブに関心が高まっています。インテリアとしてもリビングでの存在感は圧倒的ですし、自然環境にも優しくエコロジーの意識が高い人には特に魅力的な暖房器具です。 もっと見る

Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件の注目レビュー

Neolithic Design Stone and Tile
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“Neolithic Design has the most beautiful reclaimed limestone flooring. The Biblical tile screams old world and it looks gorgeous in my kitchen because it compliments my reclaimed limestone kitchen hood which we also purchased from ND.”
Your Mantel Company Inc.
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“I was concerned about hiring a company from out of state, sight unseen to use for the main focal point of our living room. Francois was so helpful explaining everything and suggesting the appropriate mantel for the proportion of the room. He made a couple of color samples and sent them overnight at his expense. The project came ahead of schedule. We are planning a fountain for our circular drive and plan on using them again.”
EcoSmart Fire
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“EcoSmart Fire is the best in their category ! They produce the highest quality products and give the best customer service a Designer could ever wish for. Thank you make the design process so much easier !”
Wilshire Fireplace Shops
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“I am an interior designer and have worked with Mitch and the staff at Wilshire Fireplace for a very long time now and am always completely happy with the products and value they add to my projects. They are professional, knowledgeable and treat my clients right which is important in my business.”
SoCal Fireplace Mantels
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“The have a really nice selection of fireplace mantels with really good prices and I almost bought one. Then I found out they do custom jobs as well and I could not pass that opportunity. So I sat down with Joseph. He quickly grasped what kind of mantel I was looking for and even showed me some other ideas. The did an amazing job making my mantel. I am super happy with it.”
Wildwood Ovens and BBQs
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“It's simple actually. Wildwood took all my mind thoughts and help me make them real. At the over close to 10 years...I had this vision to cook in a woodfired oven. Like most - you do your homework. I did and afterwards kept going back to Wildwood. I was so inspired I even invested in flying down to California to meet and cook with chef/founder Michael Gerard. It was the start of a 10 year relationship/association/collaboration and mostly a friendship...a friendship that evolves with our like minded love for food. Isn't that what its all about. That's Willdwood Ovens in BBQ's Frank Mazzuca | FamilyStyle | Mazzuca DPI Inc. | MSpace Gallery Kleinburg ON Canada”
Edmond's Unique Furniture & Stone Gallery In
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“Where do I start? Professional, amazing customer service, outstanding craftsmanship, everything as described, on-time! From the minute we walked in - to the completed master-piece... Mercedes, and Edward were exteamly accommodating and professional. Edmonds Gallery made it happen! Thank you guys so much!”
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“I ordered an ESCEA outdoor fireplace from Direct Fireplace for my outdoor area. It looks so elegant with the modern, stainless fascia coupled with my large wood deck and lush garden setting.The customer service was excellent and being zero clearance made it so easy and inexpensive to install. The unit is 100 percent marine grade stainless steel so I do not have to worry about the salt air pitting or rusting it out. I love the features of the full flame burner with electronic ignition and the three flame settings. The heat output is great for the cooler spring and even mild California winters. I ordered this unit and received it within 5 days! Great Company, Great Fireplace. Thank you Fireplace Source! Ms Arnoult”
Burbank Fireplace & BBQ
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“These guys did an amazing job fixing up our dated fireplace. I couldn't find anyone who could figure out how to get new doors on and these guys were creative and quick! They also helped identify a gas leak and other problems left behind by our construction workers-we owe them immensely for finding these issues! I look forward to working with them more in the future!”
Elegant Fireplace Mantels
Glendale, CAの暖炉・ストーブの専門家 54件
“We hired Elegant fireplace for one of our new home construction projects in North Hollywood. The price was fair and great designs. Addition Building & Design , Inc will continue to use them for all our fireplaces”