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East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者をお探しですか? 電気工事は電気工事士の資格が必要なだけでなく、実績や技術によって仕上がりや使い勝手に大きな差が現れる箇所。DIY 好きな方でも、電気工事だけは専門の電気工事業者に依頼する必要があります。ここでは、電気工事業者の仕事内容や選び方のコツを、電気工事士が手がけたプロジェクトの事例写真や専門家に寄せられたレビューと共にご紹介しています。戸建て、マンションのリフォーム・リノベーションから小規模な修理・修繕まで、電気工事のことなら信頼と実績のある電気工事業者にお気軽にご相談ください。 もっと見る

East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件の注目レビュー

Dan Richards Electric
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“I used Dan Richards Electric to upgrade my completely outdated original 1956 breaker box. We upgraded to one that could handle 2 home businesses and an industrial grade a/c unit. My husband and I were very grateful for their professionalism and the education we received about breaker boxes and the code requirments. We no longer worry about our breakers going off and all my husband's music and server data being lost. Highly recommended.”
USA Electric
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“Excellent service. USA electric installed some landscape lights and patio lights in my house as part of my back yard remodeling. The light designed by their electrician was very professional and so the job itself. I am very happy with the result and ready for the next project - recessed lights in my kitchen . I highly recommend . Mark L. Tarzana, CA”
B.K. Electric Services
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“BK is fabulous. The team headed by Liron has Alexis, Jerson and Victor. They are extremely professional. Liron is an expert. Alexis is awesome at scheduling work for me. I have had them as my electricians going on 3 years in July.”
12-Gauge Electric Inc.
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“I hired them to install an EV charging outlet at my house and was super impressed by their work, timeliness, knowledge and prices. I called multiple electricians and 12 Gauge was the only one who took the time to ask detailed questions about the vehicle's charging specs in advance and even did independent research before I hired them on what I'd probably need for my specific car before giving me a quote or recommendation. I was particularly impressed by how honest they were even when it meant less $ for them as they were $500 cheaper than one quote who was recommending a bunch of unnecessary extra work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
A First Electric
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“We have done several projects with First Electric. Great work ethic, punctual, organized, respectful, considerate and very reasonable. A great technician. No unpleasant surprises. We will use Manuel Pablo for all our future electrical work.”
Premium Energy Solutions, Inc.
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“Ed and PES were brought in to do work by my general contractor during a major renovation of the first floor of my house. Ed's team handled all the new electrical for the first floor, connecting ethernet cables around the house, installing new LED can lights in the ceiling, and mounting multiple flatscreen tv's. Ed and his team were fantastic. Everyone was prompt, courteous, efficient, and gave us great tips on how to do some other things in the future. When I have more electrical needs, I'll go back to PES in a heartbeat.”
Mr Flash Electric
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“My experience with Mr. Flash Electric was all positive. Albert's knowledge and experience was evident during our first meeting. We recently purchased a residence and had inherited some problems discover by our Home Inspection Service. We had a walk though and Albert provided a detailed Proposal with detailed "Scope of Work to be Provided". It was reassuring that my choice of electrican was the right one. With the expert service provided we were able to have all the electrical corrections and updates completed on time. PLEASE NOTE: Albert is also licensed to doing Heating and Air Conditioning services and installations.”
Madison Electric
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“Madison has performed a variety of electrical work including troubleshooting and we have always been very satisfied with their prompt and professional service. There prices have been reasonable and we look forward to using them for our future electrical needs.”
Electric Universe CA
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“I own a remodeling company and in most cases we out source all electrical work. For the past 3 years I have been using Electric universe for most of my projects. Ross is great to work with, he is very reliable trustworthy, the crew is very polite and respectful. Prices are always reasonable (I know I am in the industry). If you are looking for a good electrician Ross is your guy. Oren.”
Electricians Service Team
East Los Angeles, CAの電気工事業者 372件
“Great service! Having an electrical issue during these crazy times was not good timing. My wiring was not working for almost two days already, so I immediately called this company to help me. The electrician they sent to me was very friendly, professional, and fast yet efficient. He fixed the issues thoroughly at a very affordable price. I would highly recommend this company to my friends. Thank you!”