Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザー 42件

Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザーをお探しですか? きれいに片付いたお部屋は誰もが憧れるもの。でも、毎日少しずつ物が増えて、いつのまにか散らかってしまうことはよくあることです。片づけがうまく行かないときは、思い切って収納のプロに相談してみるのもひとつの手です。ぜひHouzzで、あなたのライフスタイルにぴったりの収納術や収納家具を見つけましょう。 もっと見る

Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザー 42件の注目レビュー

Clever Closet Company
Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザー 42件
“The shelving in the built-in cupboards in all four bedrooms, which Chris constructed, look fantastic. The excellent craftsmanship will not only look good for many years to come but it also has created a much more efficient use of space and it is flexible so we can change things as the children grow up. We can finally properly unpack our things and settle into our new home. A huge thank you must also be made to Sally for all her advice and assistance in preparing the design! I cannot recommend the Clever Closet company more highly!”
Tansel Stainless Steel Pull Out Storage
Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザー 42件
“Glad we found Kelly at Tansel. She was very helpful and the wide range of products offered made it easy to retro-fit our pantry, despite it being an odd size. The wire baskets were easy to fit and have transformed our pantry in to something much easier to use with easier access and less wasted space. Definitely reccomend the Tansel product.”
Organising Solutions
Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザー 42件
“It was clear to me from my first meeting with Jane from Organising Solutions that she was a very organised person. She thinks strategically and I like that. I must admit, I thought it would be an easy job which would only take a few hours. It took much longer because Jane asked lots of questions and challenged me on many of my decisions to keep things that really should have been tossed years ago. Jane changed the way I think about storage and that’s where I found real value. I now feel much more in control, and I’m loving it. Organising Solutions has made daily living much more pleasurable. Knowing where to find things and having them logically organised has made a real difference. I now have a system I am really happy with and comfortable I can maintain.”
Personal SOS
Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザー 42件
“Priscila is extremely professional, very approachable, kind and understands her clients needs. I really recommend her! She has good abilities to organise everything.”
Sagitine Wardrobe Care
Bondi, NSW, AUの片付け・収納アドバイザー 42件
“I bought a Sagitine stand for my shoes and I've never looked back. Now all my shoes are nicely packed away between wears. I love the fact that the stand looks like furniture and features in our bedroom as such and doesn't have to be hidden away like a 'storage solution'. Would highly recommend.”