Alexander, NCの片付け・収納アドバイザー 11件

Alexander, NCの片付け・収納アドバイザーをお探しですか? きれいに片付いたお部屋は誰もが憧れるもの。でも、毎日少しずつ物が増えて、いつのまにか散らかってしまうことはよくあることです。片づけがうまく行かないときは、思い切って収納のプロに相談してみるのもひとつの手です。ぜひHouzzで、あなたのライフスタイルにぴったりの収納術や収納家具を見つけましょう。 もっと見る

Alexander, NCの片付け・収納アドバイザー 11件の注目レビュー

Dream Closets Asheville
Alexander, NCの片付け・収納アドバイザー 11件
“I called Dream Closets Asheville last year at the end of our remodel of our historic home in Montford. being new to the area we had relied on the recommendations of our contractor for most of the remodel and were very unhappy with the results—we were way over budget and the quality was not there. I decided to try and find someone myself for the master closet and found an ad for Dream Closets. I called and the owner, Barbara, was a dream to work with. We had blown most of our budget, yet she was able to provide us with the perfect solution for our master closet. She did everything she said she would and the closet was installed perfectly and on time. My husband even commented the he wished everyone involved in our project had been as professional as Barbara. Couldn't be happier.”
Asheville Organizing
Alexander, NCの片付け・収納アドバイザー 11件
“Liz worked with me in my 2-bedroom condo about once or twice a week, from Nov. 11, 2016 to Feb. 21, 2017. During that time she helped get rid of a huge amount of clutter, including unwanted clothing in closets and drawers, kitchen items that were not being used, and paper – loads and loads of paper. She cleared the laundry room area, which I was using for storage, enabling me to get a washing machine and dryer. If unwanted items are weighing you down, call Liz Stroud. She will help you get started on a new way of living. I feel empowered by her undying strength and determination.”
More Space Place - Asheville/Greenville
Alexander, NCの片付け・収納アドバイザー 11件
“More Space Place transformed our disorganized study into a highly functional home office that doubles as a surprisingly pleasant guest bedroom. They have a high work ethic, superior customer service and great attention to detail. I highly recommend them!”