Mableton, GAの大工・左官 73件

Mableton, GAの大工・左官 をお探しですか? 大工とは、戸建て・マンションの新築や増築、リフォーム、修繕など、住まいづくりの基礎を築く重要な役割りを担う職人。だからこそ、仕事を依頼する際は信頼のおけるプロを慎重に選びたいですよね。ここでは、大工や左官の仕事の内容や、大工や左官といった職人を選ぶときのコツなどをご紹介しています。プロの手がけた事例写真や、寄せられた口コミ情報を参考にして、あなたの理想の住まいを実現する大工・左官 を見つけてください。 もっと見る

Mableton, GAの大工・左官 73件の注目レビュー

Atlanta Specialty Woods
Mableton, GAの大工・左官 73件
“I was looking for some reclaimed wood for a home project. I called several places before I found Atlanta Specialty Woods. They had exactly what I needed for my project. The owner took me around the entire yard to ensure I found the perfect fit for my needs. He was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly! He asked the right questions to make sure I considered all the possibilities. The staff was very responsive and courteous. I would highly, highly recommend Atlanta Specialty Woods for any unique project that requires any type of specialty wood. I’ll be back! Carlo C”
Chip N'Nails Cabinet Co
Mableton, GAの大工・左官 73件
“I met with the owner of this company and toured his facility in Winston/Douglasville. It is really incredible work. He showed me how they make their cabinets, and really informed me a lot about the whole process from start to finish. I showed him a picture of what I wanted from an online photograph. He took that, drew it up in his computer, and gave me an estimate. I will admit, it was not the cheapest price and it was not the fastest time to produce and install. HOWEVER, I looked into other sources to find cheaper and faster, and my warning to any buyers is BEWARE of what is out there. Chip N'Nails is a GREAT product. You totally get what you pay for. What we received was literally the best product I could find out there. Now when I go into any house with custom cabinets (or any cabinets), I always look for the details, and to this date, I have not seen anything better than the construction I have on my cabinets. My advice... Go tour his facility. Let him show you details to look for in custom cabinets. Don't be scared of the price or the lead time. These guys are true professionals.”
High Tech Design
Mableton, GAの大工・左官 73件
“Excellent job on inlaid red oak hardwood floors, new and refinished. Careful craftsmanship, attention to details - great work overall.”
Leggoworks LLC
Mableton, GAの大工・左官 73件
“Diallo is a true professional. Very knowledgeable, polite and trustworthy. He did 4-5 different jobs/projects for us and we left him alone in our house to complete the work while we were ourselves at work and of course not only were the jobs completed to a high standard but also the house was clean and there was nothing touched that shouldn't have been. He was great when being flexible with pricing and payments to accommodate projects we wanted to be done sooner but couldn't afford to pay at that moment. Overall we have nothing but good things to say about Diallo and Leggoworks LLC. If you're considering him for a project give him a go. The cost range I've selected in the review reflects 5 jobs he did which included a new fireplace, new stairs and bannister sanded and painted, new lights installed in the kitchen and a custom installed doggie door.”