Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件

Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家をお探しですか? 吊り戸棚やキッチンボードなどキッチンキャビネット・戸棚を扱うPakenham, VIC, AUの専門家や、壁面収納や隙間収納などあなたのお部屋に合わせて作る造作家具や造作棚の専門店をご紹介しています。収納力アップで、お部屋をすっきり美しく見せましょう。 もっと見る

Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件の注目レビュー

Designs Australia
Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件
“I worked with Mark Wang from Designs Autralia to design and create a new kitchen. Mark visited and consulted with me over a period of weeks while together, we panned the outcome I was hoping for. He provided drawings and samples of materials and answered all my phone calls and inquiries with patience and professional expertise. I was extremely happy with the result, both with the artistic outcome which was beyond even my best expectations, and with the overall quality of the cabinetry he provided. I would recommend him very highly on all aspects of the work. He is not only extremely experienced, but he is a principled person ready to take full responsibility if the work fell in any way short of his promise. He was courteous and friendly and a pleasure to work with - he took all the stress and worry out of the project for me and I had the bonus of enjoying my own ideas mediated by his extremely good taste and superior knowledge. Mark stayed in touch from beginning to end and remained engaged with each stage of the project. I am a very happy customer and would not hesitate to call him again for any job I wished to embark on, it was a very positive experience.i would be extremely likely to recommend him to others.”
Nosiva Custom Cabinetry
Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件
“I wanted to refurbish my kitchen cabinetry but retain the carcass in one house, whilst I also required a refit of cabinetry to house a wine fridge in a kitchen which had been installed 2 years ago at our beach house. Jack was prompt, enthusiastic, applying his knowledge to work out the details of refitting what was a new kitchen to house the additional wine fridge. The finished job provided a seamless profile and was indistinguishable from the rest of the kitchen joinery. Very happy indeed. The refurbishment which converted cupboards to soft close draws was also a painless exercise for install, and protected the granite bench tops which I was concerned about without any dramas.”
AKL Improvement Services
Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件
“Some of the best work I have seen. The attention to detail is fantastic. When you speak with Andrew he engages you with a friendly tone and real honesty. Andrew has been very helpful over the year and has provided me the finished product sometimes better than what I requested or had hoped for. Best of all he make a real effort to save you money where ever possible. I would recommend AKL to anyone who is looking for quality. This is NOT a cheap cabinet maker / shopfitter but certainly NOT expensive. You just get really great bang for your buck”
ADT Cabinets
Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件
“ADT Cabinets have completed a couple of jobs at my property including new laundry and additional cabinetry. Quotes were provided and agreed to prior to works commencing and I was made aware of any updates throughout the job. Each time the service and quality has been outstanding. You will not be disappointed.”
Precision Cabinets
Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件
“We were ecstatic with the whole process. The design process reflected the experience, skill and knowledge of Angelo and his team. Working with qualified cabinet makers is the only way to go. The design works so well and the quality of cabinetry exceeded our expectations. Every project milestone was met and there were no surprise budget increases. Can't wait to ge gage them again for our bathroom upgrades.”
Click Clack Cabinets
Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件
“Excellent work by a highly skilled professional. Highly recommended. Ilya and his team took great care of our requirements and completed the job to the highest standard.”
Cabinets Plus
Pakenham, VIC, AUのオーダー家具・キャビネットの専門家 25件
“Cabinets Plus were fantastic to work with in designing our new kitchen. We were not clear on the style we wanted and they talked us through each step suggesting details that made maximised the space and features of our kitchen. We now have a huge pantry where there was none before, the downlight under the cabinets look stunning and we have about 30% more bench and storage space. Once the kitchen was completed they even cam back to install a convenient shelf for the microwave when they saw we had just put it back on the bench when moving all our contents back in. Many thanks to the team.”