Valencia, CAの建材会社 41件

Valencia, CAの建材会社をお探しですか? 建材、つまり建築資材は家づくりの根幹をなすものです。建材なしでは、新築住宅も建たなければ、リフォーム・リノベーションも始まりません。それだけ建材の種類は多岐にわたって、メーカーや材質もさまざまです。ぜひ建材会社に相談して、あなたの住まいに適切な建材選びをしてください。 もっと見る

Valencia, CAの建材会社 41件の注目レビュー

Ram Board
Valencia, CAの建材会社 41件
“Ram Board is the only product that we have found with so many versatile uses to protect the homes in which we work. From floor and stair protection to wall and...well anything we don't want to get damaged. It recyclable and reuseable. When clients see the level of protection that we use to protect their homes, they know they have hired the right professionals and can trust us with the work. The floor protection and site prep is the first thing that a client sees and Ram Board helps set the tone for the quality that they can expect throughout the project. There is really no excuse for a contractor to not use Ram Board. It saves time and money.”
American Builders Supply
Valencia, CAの建材会社 41件
“American Builders is my go to supply center for all of my masonry hardscape, and landscape needs. I often am introduced to new innovative materials that they carrie and they keep in stock a vast selection of materials. As a masonry, hardscape and landscape contractor, I shop at all of their locations, and I find there staff knowledgable and courteous. I don't hesitate to send any of my client there to look over materials and select products for me to install. I recommend them highly”
Dagan Industries Warehouse
Valencia, CAの建材会社 41件
“It’s been pleasures working with Dagan Industries Inc. They’ve been a client of ours since May 2008. Their work is absolutely gorgeous and their expertise is unparalleled. The owners and staff are detail oriented, responsive, and always deliver above and beyond. We look forward to many more years of a great business relationship.”
Stock Building Supply - Santa Clarita
Valencia, CAの建材会社 41件
“I ordered all of my windows for my home from Stock Building Supply in Santa Clarita, CA and was giving excellent customer service, respect and professionalism. All the windows arrived on time and in perfect condition. Will continue to use this company for any future door &/or window projects I may have.”