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Pac Trim®
Cool, CAの建材会社
Pac Trim makes a great product but what sets them apart is the service. They stand by their product. The few times where we have had a issue with product from Pac Trim they were quick to respond. They came to our facility within a few days and discovered the root cause and then offered to replace the product immediately.
Pac Trim
Cool, CAの建材会社
We recently remodeled our new home we purchased and we used a lot of the product made by Pac fit! The corners were so amazing. My wife and I did everything ourselves, and this product made the project go much smoother. The corners helped to make the joints come together very simple and created very clean lines. The house did not have plum or even walls, so the PacFit product really made everything come together! My wife and I both would highly recommend this product on your next project. Please see the attached picture as an example of one of our rooms we used the corners in!
The Devine Garden
Cool, CAの建材会社
This is an excellent easy to build garden box. Took me and my partner a few hours to build. Months later our garden box is full of climbing cucumbers, magical marigolds, basil and watermelon. Very professional service.
The Sandhaus
Cool, CAの建材会社
I've collaborated with Scott several times over the past few years. He is open minded and very well educated. His training is far above average. I found him to be straight to the point and just wants the end user to receive the best possible outcome.I have no hesitation recommending The Sandhaus for superior service.