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Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社をお探しですか? 建材、つまり建築資材は家づくりの根幹をなすものです。建材なしでは、新築住宅も建たなければ、リフォーム・リノベーションも始まりません。それだけ建材の種類は多岐にわたって、メーカーや材質もさまざまです。ぜひ建材会社に相談して、あなたの住まいに適切な建材選びをしてください。 もっと見る

Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件の注目レビュー

Eco Outdoor AUS
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“I own a Landscape company and have been using Eco outdoor over the past 3 Years. During this time Eco have made my job easier by having an amazing showroom, which offers many different options and the staff have always been fantastic so helpful towards all my clients. My team team and I always enjoys laying Eco's products just for there sheer quality.”
Northern Rivers Recycled Timber / Simply Wood
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“Northern Rivers Recycled Timber provides fantastic quality recycled timber, as well as excellent customer service. For any of our projects requiring recycled timber, we always recommend Northern Rivers.”
Mafi Australia
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“I am an architect by profession. Mafi has done my floor at home and many floors for my clients. The product is amazing. I have it in my bathroom, up walls across floors etc. I have 2 kids and a dog and have parties for 150 people and the floor looks like the day it was laid! We just mop soap onto it every month. It's not often you find a product that exceed your expectations but this definitely does. It's so stable I have started using it on joinery in kitchens etc. For many years I specified Australian hardwoods and with climate controlled buildings had to put up with complaints about shrinkage and cupping etc. My boards at home are 300mm wide and I don't have even half a millimetre of movement in them. Keep it up Mafi........I'm impressed!”
Ceramica Homes
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“Being a professional practicing engineer, it is a pleasure for me that I had this opportunity to appreciate the excellent services delivered by you (an industry partner) giving so many options to make my choices. Not only that, the quality of goods delivered to me to meet my standards at a reasonable price is to be appreciated. This made my busy life much easier and especially my family members are very happy with the quality of material/goods delivered.”
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“Such a unique range of products that make your projects stand out above the rest. Not only is the quality fantastic but the knowledge and guidance by Spiggy is fantastic. Couldn't recommend them enough.”
StoneSet Porous Paving
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“I highly recommend StoneSet, they have an excellent range of reliable services and products! Have used many times and will continue to recommend them to all my students.”
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“I am a Designer and Project co-ordinator - Over the last 5 years I have used PVC PLUS panels in many different applications. I have been able to achieve the luxury finish in very diverse fit outs. My first project was all internal walls including the bathroom and external eaves of a Luxury permanent dwelling houseboat. That was 6 years ago. Since then - Indoor and outdoor uses for commercial and residential buildings, indoor swimming pools, feature walls in large reception areas, many domestic features as well. Recently a new product - solid PVC panels I have specified in kitchens as splash backs, kick areas for islands as well. The Marble and stone look are glorious. The panels are so affordable and hard wearing and can give the look of texture and are very easy to install and maintain. I recently completed a state of the art sound studio on Sydneys north shore. I used the tongue and groove panels as a sound absorbing ceiling to great effect. Mansour Taghi and his team are terrific - never let me down and their attention to detail is very good. They can install or be sales support if the builder wants his men to do the installation. Highly recommend them and their many products. Gillian Pembroke Style by Gillian Design/Renovate”
Mother Of Pearl & Sons Trading
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“If you want to invest in top quality door & window hardware, then I would strongly suggest you check out the MOP website and visit their store. They have amazing products!”
New Age Veneers
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“Leon House Design has worked with NAV on many projects over the years... beautiful high quality veneers, friendly & helpful team.”
HCDS Designer Screens
Dee Why, NSW, AUの建材会社 146件
“These guys really know what they're doing. They helped a client of mine redecorate their restaurant. They've done an amazing job with their designer screen systems. Highly recommendd.”