Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 11件

Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店をお探しですか? 何と言っても日本人はお風呂好き! 普段のお風呂の時間をスペシャルタイムにしましょう。Houzzでは最新バスグッズから、無機質な風呂場を彩る、インテリア性にすぐれたバスグッズのお店を探せます。 もっと見る
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Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 11件の注目レビュー

Josephine Home and Draper London
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 11件
“These are the most exceptional sheets you will ever own and sleep in. I can not speak highly enough with regard to the comfort, aesthetic, quality and price all wrapped into one...I have owned some sets for over ten years and they get better and better with age. I am very careful with what I recommend, but I promise you this brand won't disappoint get ready for the best sleep of your life!”
Lower Earley, Berkshire, UKの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 11件
“Easy to use and extremely informative, the Soak&Sleep website makes searching for the right duvet and pillows a dream (no pun intended). With a range of products to choose from covering various price ranges, there is something for every household, and the spot-on product descriptions ensured I chose the right style for my sleeping preferences. With super-fast delivery I was enjoying my new bedding just a day or two after purchasing. I've already shopped again and will most definitely be recommending to friends, family and everyone else!”