Belmont, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 78件

Belmont, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店をお探しですか? 何と言っても日本人はお風呂好き! 普段のお風呂の時間をスペシャルタイムにしましょう。Houzzでは最新バスグッズから、無機質な風呂場を彩る、インテリア性にすぐれたバスグッズのお店を探せます。 もっと見る

Belmont, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 78件の注目レビュー

Crane & Canopy
Belmont, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 78件
“There are so many good things to say about Crane & Canopy's duvet covers: fashionable, well made, very reasonably priced, upscale looking and just plain great. Easily justifies five stars. I had been thinking about ordering from Crane & Canopy for over six months. Finally ordered the Piper Blue duvet cover in a king. Its just great. Love the color. Love the construction. - very upscale. The piping around the edge is a very nice touch. And the ties in each corner that secure your duvet and keep it in place no matter what - are simply fabulous. I may be buying the wrong covers but we have had duvets for 20 years and I have never seen that feature. The duvet launders well - comes out of the dryer looking nice. I did iron mine as I prefer as few wrinkles as possible, but it wasn't absolutely necessary to iron - could have just gone on the bed. I have had the duvet cover for about three months now and still love it. I wanted to wait to do a review until I had had it for awhile. I am planning to buy a second duvet cover so that one is on the bed and one is in the laundry. In our house ease of laundering is an absolute necessity - the "boys" have been known to track mud into the house (the boys are two Australian shepherds) This is a completely unbiased review. I have no ties to Crane & Canopy. I ordered thru the website and paid full price plus shipping. I have received no incentives whatsoever. I wouldn't normally gush about a company, much less review it, but Crane & Canopy is fairly new and I know I hesitated because there wasn't much out there about them.”
Norah's Sewing
Belmont, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 78件
“Norah is the best! As a designer, I look for excellent workmanship, creativity and on-time delivery and Norah's Sewing comes through every time. Her attention to detail is amazing and she finds solutions to even the oddest requests. Her workroom is at the top of my list!”
Belmont, CAの寝具店・バスグッズ専門店 78件
“Ordered customized tablecloth from Attiser! From the imaginative packaging to the fine feeling cotton print cloth, this tablecloth is a bargain at its price. It picks up all the blues and greens in the room and artwork and has plenty of white left over to feel homey and natural. Glad I bought from Attiser! it makes me smile.”