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Alison Bramhall/Festive Fish
Pownal, MEのアート・工芸の専門家
Who won't want a Underwater Ocean or Enchanted Forest for a playroom?? I selfishly want to keep Alison Bramhall my secret however the world needs to meet her as her talent is MAGICAL!!!! Upon meeting Alison at a art show she kindly offered to visit our home & help place her art work in the space. (size/locations etc.) I was so intrigued by her my husband & I commissioned a attic room to transport my daughter to Underwater Ocean Room through Alison's imagination. Being it's a second home, I wanted my daughter to go there & have it magical. It is nothing short of thee most magical playroom a child or adult could imagine! Fortunately we had a adjoining room in which Alison created an Enchanted Forest!! Again pure magic, transforming us into the woods filled with unicorns, fairy mice, bunnies, giraffes & all the special touches only Alison could pull together. It is as amazing as Alison herself! Alison was an incredible eye for color, design & interior work that we have commissioned her for assistance in choosing paint color to bedding to design. In addition she is incredible profession, prompt and has absolute attention to all detail. I am incredible particular & can not recommend Alison Bramhall highly enough!
Stephanie Berry Fine Art
Pownal, MEのアート・工芸の専門家
Your art is soothing and exciting to look at. I am a professional artist, give lessons to youth and adult privately. I think you have captured the every day essence of family and farm life. I can relate to this as I grew up on a 92 acre farm. Stella
Ember Grove
Pownal, MEのアート・工芸の専門家
We were looking for a creative solution for a complex lighting fixture that would distribute light in many directions yet hide the light source to minimize glare and to artistically fit the rustic decor of our home. It took some trial and error and exploration of possibilities, but isn't that the artistic process? And, mission accomplished... We give our highest recommendation to Ember Grove.