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Iron Creations USA LTD
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
We have used Iron Creations on many of our jobs. Gonen is passionate about what he does, and he truly creates a work of art. He listens to each client's needs, and designs a custom piece based on their style and budget. We would highly recommend Iron Creations for all your iron projects.
New House Arts
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
Have 8 or 9 original pieces of Todds' and 3 large commission pieces. Our home was designed and built in 1956 by Russell Bar Williamson. Todd's style fits well within our contemporary home. We started working with Todd a few years after moving in 1995, and he recently finished another commission piece this summer. We have his work inside and outside our home. His recent project was a shade structure and dinning room table for our paito. Todd has a gift of taking ideas or suggestions and creating a project that fits your style and needs. Professional and extremely creative -- there is no one out there like Todd!!
OVKO Art & Design
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
I worked with Ryan on a few photography projects. He is creative, passionate, and professional. He has a strong eye for detail and is willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. I plan to work with Ryan again in the future as he is extremely helpful. I highly recommend him for photography work!
Plaster Gallery, LLC
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
I had the greatest pleasure of working with the very personable, engaging and knowledgeable proprietress of Plaster Gallery, Ronna Bromberg Pachefsky, during the holistic renovation of a 3-level town home in McLean, VA. I was interested in installing some architectural decorative elements in the traditional colonial home and propitiously discovered Plaster Gallery during a Google search for plaster ceiling medallions. Indeed, there were many purveyors of plaster decorative elements to choose from but Plaster Gallery was the only one that offered a Gothic-inspired trefoil medallion to dramatize and accentuate our furnishings. What intrigued me most about the company's library of medallions was their uniqueness as modern articulations of classical themes. I got the distinct impression that the company's inspired/ high-quality artisanship was committed to not just replication of time-tested decorative motifs but the creation/ elaboration of new aesthetic designs to expand the higher realm of possibility. Ronna is very passionate about her work and actively listens to her clients to understand their functional and aesthetic requirements. As I was concerned about the compatibility of a light fixture with the desired medallion, she provided dimensions and photos from multiple perspectives with meticulous care and attention. She also provided detailed instructions on how to install a plaster medallion, and a dry plaster mix to cover wood screws and finish the perimeter of the medallion after attachment to the ceiling. Significantly, Ronna's enthusiastic support didn't end after the sale. When I first received the medallion, it appeared to be in good condition so I disposed of the original packaging. After resting the medallion on a dining table and exposing it to greater illumination, I discerned a hairline fracture which radiated from the center opening almost to the edge of the medallion. I took several photos of the fracture and consulted extensively with Ronna. She recommended that a damage claim be filed with the shipping company, UPS. As I had already disposed of the packaging materials, this was a potentially daunting prospect. However, Ronna leveraged her excellent relationship with UPS to streamline and expedite the usually protracted process without any effort or anxiety on my part. A second medallion was shipped almost immediately. I was absolutely awed by her capacity to execute an equitable outcome so efficiently and rapidly. After the second medallion was received without any discernible flaw, Ronna continued to follow up, graciously and unobtrusively, to ensure that my expectations had been fully met. Well, Ronna, they have been wildly exceeded and I encourage other discerning aesthetes/ potential clients to mindfully consider Plaster Gallery as a highly qualified, seasoned and collaborative partner on your future design projects.
Stephanie Bartz Photography
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
Stephanie is a dream to work with. Her charming, easy going personality made the shoot go smoothly. I would definitely use her again and have already referred her to friends.
La Belle Vernice
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
I had La Belle come over to give me a price quote for some kitchen countertop refinishing. I was thinking that I would need to pay $8-10K and she quoted me under $2K. Now I haven't been able to do the countertops but when I have the cash available when life is back to normal I will be calling her. I did see an actual job of hers that my co-worker had done for a rental property. Old 1980's laminate turns into beautiful marble for a fraction of the cost. If you want something that looks great and you're not a purist call this lady. I know i will.
Paint My Sky Studio
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
When our condo lobby at Marine Terminal Lofts was remodeled a couple of years ago, we wanted to have a painting done to complement the decor. At the time, Pamela Anderson of Paint My Sky Studio had her gallery in our building. We liked her abstract, colorful style and asked her if she would make something temporary to hang in our lobby space. She not only painted a great piece for us, but also created the largest canvas she had ever worked on to fill the available space. It looks wonderful and we are very happy to have this on loan to us. Pamela is a delight to work with and would recommend her without hesitation.
Artistic Finishes Inc.
Menomonee Falls, WIのアート・工芸の専門家 103件
As a designer, I hire Artistic Finishes when I dream up, or my client asks for, an artistic finish for walls, ceilings, furniture and mirrors. Laura and her team always do a beautiful job on time and on budget. Her enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge make her my go-to girl.